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Hm. I did promise myself I'd write this before the next new episode...

A roundup recap of the first 7 episode of the season and my general impressions of them. Now my fandom-history record is complete/up to date and I feel better.

1x01: I posted about this one but went into very little detail about the actual plot, so now feels like a good time to mention that Kimberly Wells -- the doctor in need of rescue -- was almost as big a reason I fell in love as the main cast. I liked her face on sight, and from the first minute of her abduction, I decided, "BAM, Mitch/Jamie AU" (IN MY DFENSE: IT WAS STILL ZOO SEASON), and was so invested in her survival I would have watched anyone save her. It just helped that the action team was great, and in particular that she had some face-to-face interaction with Dalton on the way to rescue. His is absolutely the face you want to see on the rescue squad when you're a civilian surrounded by the enemy in a foreign country.

1x02, Moscow Rules: A very wise choice was made in having a second episode featuring a missing woman, equally pretty and charming of personality, but this time more deadly in her own right and resourceful enough in escaping to give Jaz a run for her money. That's how I knew i was hooked. Especially on top of the "people like us don't do powerless very well" scene at the end, where I 100% missed Preach's Knowing Look about Jaz & Dalton's little exchange because I was too busy basking in the dog + my general enjoyment of their platonic chemistry.

1x03, Greater Good: I was definitely here for the complex bug-planting ideas, but I am blanking on specific character moments for this one. I was and still am kind of lukewarm on Hannah; I respect that she's got a hugely significant backstory, but I'm also kind of like, "Slow your roll, let me come to you" about it.

1x04, Break Out: All I remember liking was Jaz herding the guards with bullets. I was busy cleaning during this episode and I paid it only 20% attention at best once I realized it was going to feature a lot of Patricia. I have grown to tolerate her more, but she still can't hold a scene on her own, and her taking up face-to-face time with the team was not on my list of wants.

1x05, Enhanced Protection: The Africa episode! I loved this, between Preach getting a rare chance to be the one who blends in as a local, the ambassador's wife being great despite her circumstances, and of COURSE the "you're tough -- but you're a girl? / maybe I'm tough because I'm a girl," exchange. And the related ending rescuing that girl, at which point I developed an immediate need for Jaz to spend time tutoring or otherwise helping out disenfranchised kids or volunteering at a girls school whenever it seems a suitable time in her life to do that.

1x06, The Seville Defection: My initial response to the beginning was a massive eye roll because I am not in a mood to deal with watching hookups lately, especially not featuring the one character I couldn't stand. But I have warmed up to him since hiatus began and I started reading fanfic and come around on seeing him in a big-brother type role, enhanced greatly by the benefits of medical skill and knowledge he's carrying around. Like, so much so that he's pushed Amir down to fifth. I've also graduated to "perfectly willing to objectify those insane abs" now that I have realized a) he's a literal model, and b) he was previously to known to me as Robbie, Max's slack-jawed, cheating, almost-immediately-ex boyfriend in the very early days of 2 Broke Girls, when the show's charm still outweighed its crassness. Look at us with our secret history!

Also this one contains the "tell me what these lady eyes are thinking" exchanges and those are pretty fun.

1x07, It's All Personal: I semi-zoned out of this one too, because I like Amir just fine but not enough to give focus over to his past undercover life, at least not yet. However, fandom is pretty nuts about it, and their enthusiasm is kind of infectious. He is kind of impressively bossy and snippy this way, which I like. Mostly I loved him and Jaz verbally sparring like true brother and sister, complete with Dalton's exasperated "both of you, get in the damn car!" Also, the opening, with him cooking the Saturday morning breakfast spread and everyone else being in various states of adorably sleepy and rumpled, was A Delight.

Also, a fun fact about Stealth, and possibly a relevant factor in why it was the tipping point to full blown enthusiasm: I watched it in bed on my laptop while dog-sitting, so I associate it with my great memories of that time, and being in that lovely room. Also, I did not talk enough about how much I appreciated the Dalton focus in this one. Or the fact that Jaz is the one who pipes up in protest against sticking to the rally point plan when they realize he's "under heavy fire." I see u, Jaz!

General ranking of all aired episodes so far: 8, 1, 9, 2, 5 || Second Tier: 6, 7, 3, 4

None actively bad, though. Keep it up to the end!

P.S. I was digging through my music library for something interesting, and came upon 2 albums that I fell in love with this spring and played a lot while driving to and from the night job -- Bridgit Mendler's "Hello My Name Is" and Vanessa Carlton's "Liberman" -- and I was not prepared for how overwhelmingly strongly these sounds would trigger the memory/feeling of heading to that town at the time of year when spring and greenery are right around the corner. Don't you love when music just gives you that surge of happiness in your heart for reasons beyond the music itself?
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