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Posting on this fun prompt from here! (note: this post was added later in January from a draft on my computer, when I thought it might be too much repetition from this post)

1. Things I'm Seeing Without You - Peter Bognanni: It's brand new and hotly requested at the library -- I got on the list early, but it wasn't at the library yet, and when it was I had to keep suspending my request and could never quite time it so that it was available to pick up at the same time that I knew I would have time to read it within the 2 weeks allowed for heavily requested titles.

2. A Different Shade of Blue -- Amy Harmon: I first got interested in it when it was new, but it was not available in libraries, so I put it aside to wait for a price reduction. After 5 years, I was finally so in the mood to read this that I bit the bullet and bought it new...but it arrived when I was on vacation, and by the time I got back, my brain had been taken over by a fresh wave of media cravings.

3. Where Have All the Tigers Gone? -- Lynn Hall: another one I first became interested in a few years ago, during my Lynn Hall revival. Purchased with the above, same end result.

4. Tin Can Tucker -- Lynn Hall: see above.

5. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott: I have been wanting to reread this for many years, and earlier in 2017, proper motivation struck. But it's just...such a long book, and by the time I had TIME to pursue it, the acute craving was gone and I didn't want to spoil it by forcing a read.

6. Snow Bound - Harry Mazer: As mentioned on the Mount TBR post, I was intrigued by the survival aspect, and wanted to read it sometime in winter, so no earlier than December. But it requires an Interlibrary Loan, and I like to stack those so I can call in multiples from one library if possible. I had too many local books to get through first. But an order is in now!

7. Cloud Chamber - Joyce Maynard: I bought this alongside Scream at Half Price Books, because I was in a pretty intense Under the Dome revival (actually still am), and wanted to cast Joe McAlister and maybe Norrie. But that was only days from the end of the year, and I only had time to get to one of the two before library books with due dates avalanched on top of it.

8. The Memory Book -- Lara Avery: this one looks good but not amazing, and it still has regular requests on it, so I was waiting for some of the hype to die down.

9. The Land of 10,000 Madonnas - Kate Hattemer: again looks good but not amazing, and I'd have to ILL request it. Not motivated enough yet.

10. This Is The Story of You - Beth Kephart: It's available in the neighboring county, but I have to request it to bring it to the closest location. And that location is a couple miles past a big hill I am afraid to drive down unless weather is perf, and not knowing how many days it would take to arrive means I can't predict if the weather will cooperate. My other option is to drive 10 miles, and ehhh, I'm not THAT excited; I can wait.

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