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Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2018

Posting on this fun prompt from here! (note: this post was added later in January from a draft on my computer)

Honestly, this is way more fun than attempting to think of "normal" resolutions.

edit: It is 2019 now, and we gon' see how well I did...

1. Read 98 more books (standard contract)
[Outcome: achievement! in literally the last few hours of 2018, and resorting to including a couple of books I normally wouldn't bother counting, but by george I declare it a victory]

2. Get and stay below 50 (maybe even 40??) books on my to-read shelf on Goodreads
[outcome: it's 84 books now oops. pretty sure it started no higher than 65...]

3. Read 5 books I own but have never read. This would be a genuine accomplishment, and I am very excited to possibly reach a point where I stop checking out library books long enough to make this a guilt-free option.

[outcome: achievement! I read 15 that I own! 11 of which were acquired in 2018. But I guess that's better than acquiring and not reading them, since 3 of said newbies are now on the "release back into the world" pile]

4. Take the plunge and buy one of the $2-3 eBooks on Amazon that vaguely interest me, even though they have to be read through the computer app

[outcome: not one of these, but I did buy Hippi's Crush on sale when my library card was lost...which I have yet to read]

5. Speaking of: try to find a Kindle at a garage or estate sale. I bought that Nook last year and was all fired up to use it, but turns out I REALLY hate how the screen flashes black with every page turn and cannot tolerate it, even for a pretty pink outside.

[outcome: failed]

6. Set aside in savings at least some percentage of money for one of my expensive Holy Grail books: Midnight Moon, The Book of Sunnybank (not the retitled reprint!), The Ark, or Snowman.

[outcome: achievement! Midnight Moon is mine, along with its bonus fancy sister book Silver Birch.]

7. Visit a new-to-me used or antiquarian bookstore. One out of town while on vacation would be ideal. it could even be the vacation goal.

[outcome: failed. I would ask how, when I was so excited for this, but I know the answer is 'because I never have time to do anything fun anymore ever']

8. Pick myself out a book in which to cast Mike Vogel. Or ten books. Or as many as I can cram in before this high leaves me, honestly. He made some book appearances in 2014-15 that left great impressions and I'd like to bring that feeling back. HARD MODE: find a middle grade book in which I can cast him as the dad. (the nice thing about this is that middle grade not infrequently gives you adult perspectives)

[outcome: achievement! True Valor and These Healing Hills]

9. Go through my book collection again, including the boxes, and thoroughly and completely update my books-I-own list. I've been adding books sporadically since its creation at the end of 2012, but I know I am still missing a ton.

[outcome: failed. I didn't even try at all.]

10. Drop off all the books I do not feel are worth taking to Half Price Books (ex-library, children's paperbacks, etc), but which still have reading value, into the Little Free Libraries around town. There are tons within walking distance.

[outcome: semi-achievement? I ditched a few here and there, but never managed a full sweep]
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