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Boom. There. Down and out. Someone sling me a mug of Grandma Carter's No-Fail Naptime Tea so I can shut down for 3 or 4 hours and then it's  time for Rainbow Stevie's Wild Monday Ride; see you back here in 18-20 hours, probably.

The Brave, 1x12, "Close to Home: Part I"
I hate that we were thrown right into the action with no personal scene to start, and then I skipped most of the flashbacks because Patricia is not high enough on the character totem pole for personal stuff, Tupper is not high on my list of good faces anyway, and a week before this aired was a poor time to inform me they were a RL couple of 10 years who just broke up.

However, I did enjoy him needling each of the team members in turn (quick question why did they keep ungagging him?), but obviously none so much as "Your boyfriend always have such a short fuse?" / "My what."
:D :D :D

(Tumblr tells me "consensus is that line was designed to bother Dalton more than Jaz" and I had not considered that before, but yeah that's better. Alternatively, per eggsaladstain:

alex: [talks to jaz for 2 seconds]

dalton:  (ง •̀_•́)ง)

I loved Verina, who could (and someday should) pass for Britt Robertson's sister. Great face!

And of course, very little is more satisfying than Dalton finally decking Hoffman across the face and demanding answers.

# rugged guys punching smarmy jerks in pursuit of rescuing women or children is essentially my sexuality

P.S. Who writes Preach's lines, because seriously, I would like to hire them for inspirational wall decorations, journals, calendars, etc.
"Contrary to popular belief, scripture’s not a how-to for getting into some kind of promise land in the afterlife. It’s a how-to for living here more abundantly."

All in all, I get that this was just the setup for what I expect to be an amazing finale, but I must admit to being slightly disappointed by losing one of our precious 13 to setup. Maybe it would help if I told myself they only got 12 episodes after all, but one of them got to be super-sized.

+ I keep forgetting to mention it, but Pop Culture Review has been doing pretty awesome detailed recaps with bonus analysis after, and reading them is my favorite treat.

+ I did not get a chance to listen to the So Many Shows podcast this week and likely won't by tonight, which annoys me, because Natacha was on it and I had so little to say about this episode I could have used some prompting.

+ The best thing to come out of Tumblr this week has been these two posts. I have been delighting over them for days.

+ All I want from this finale is enough Jaz/Dalton to make my peace with inevitable cancellation. I have my doubts I will get it, because I have not been satiated by canon since I got on the ship and my "who dis" hackles are up again after looking at the promotional stills, but maybe resigning myself to disappointment will change my luck.

+ Dean, in response to how casting Jaz came about: Casting is always weird. I had a VERY specific goal for casting Jaz. As a character I had never seen her on TV. So I wasn’t sure I COULD find a Jaz. We saw thousands. Natacha WAS Jaz. My character come to life.

I'm not crying, you're crying.
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