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Brought to you by: my dumb ass deciding to look up Nathan Riggs on YouTube


Nathan/Meredith is a 2-year slow motion trainwreck, isn't it? I thought I knew their overall trajectory but I have clearly repressed some memories about its frustrations (and also Maggie's entire existence), because some dumb alogrithm irresponsibly showed me this, followed by this (both from 13x05), and oh, my god, my heart cannot TAKE it ("Don't look at me like I don't know what I'm talking about, because you know I do"); that's it; I am gonna browbeat the entire publishing world until an HEA romance novels falls out where they are the second-chance love story.

[sidebar about that]

...which I may have just accidentally mocked myself up the first chapter and a vague outline of. Sigh. Why does this "translating my fave TV character arcs into novel form" have to be my favorite hobby? Novels are roughly 25x longer than I ever have the patience to finish, and I put no effort into improving my writing skill as opposed to just trying to create a scale model of what the content should look like once good, and I weave in as much dialogue from the show as possible to ruin it for original writing, while also abandoning strict adherence to characterization because I am letting the feeling of them being original book characters guide my virtual pen. I guess it's fun while it lasts and I do enjoy looking at it later, and my target audience was only ever really me anyway... but it sure does take an awful lot of time that could be spent reading existing stories, or watching the finished product play out on screen.

Although honestly, I shouldn't even be mad, because I have known Riggs for ten onscreen minutes and I already love him 18x more than Meredith, whom I have followed on screen for 8 years and been aware of for 13. The show gives him a better ending than she ever could have, and by all rights, I should get to enjoy them along the way and then collect a higher-tier prize for my patience. I probably would, but I cannot BELIEVE this show had to replace Bridget Reagan, and then failed so spectacularly at it. (first of all, it is a well known fact that Evangeline Lily is her actual doppelganger; did you even try for her? second, literally anyone would have been better than Blah Blah Abigail Spencer for a role with this much emotional heft)

P.S. I will say that based on one of the scenes I tripped over, it looks like I finally found someone to use as a character template for all those "cocky/overconfident jock guys wins over woman determined to dislike him" romances I am always roling my eyes at. Good to know.

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