RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Other Things I Have Been Into Lately, Per My YouTube History

I completely forgot there is a direct link to your viewing history on YouTube. What a treat!

1. I forgot almost all the music in Bride & Prejudice immediately after watching it, but I just rediscovered No Life Without Wife, and omg, this is amazing. Maybe I should rewatch this entire movie.

2. I also rediscovered the Handsome Men's Club sketch, whereupon I watched it twice in a row because it was so good and laughed until I cried. Every...every single second is amazing. I would have to transcribe the entire skit in order to highlight all of my favorite quotes, facial expressions and musical cues.

3. I watched the trailer for that one new show, The Crossing, I was fairly excited about? And um...I am a lot less excited now. No one told me there were weird ~powers~ involved. This cast is far too bland of face, overall, to overcome that handicap, and it looks more confusing than I bargained for. I will probably still try it out, but I don't think it's going to win my heart.

3.5. This reminds me that February and the Olympics are both almost over, and I gotta start figuring out when all the midseason premieres happen before I miss out. I remember hearing a lot of last-week-in-February dates.

4. On the other hand, in "trailers that look amazing" news, the movie Reclaim. I saw a couple of gifs on Tumblr with no context other than "wow Rachelle LeFevre is unfairly gorgeous," but HOT DAMN. Playing opposite Ryan Phillipe, hoping to be parents but ending up victims of an apparent Haitian adoption scam? SOOOOOLD.

5. Speaking of amazing trailers, Did You Know that a bunch of Power Rangers actors got together and are trying to make some kind of secret society/ninja/assassin movie? The Order. I don't actualy have a clear idea what it's about or if it's ever going to be released, even though I am late to the party, but the trailer is AMAZING and it features all of my obscure faves, including CATHERINE SUTHERLAND, and I would pay up to seventeen actual U.S. dollars to get it in my hands.

6. Also, I posted a draft of my 153-title High School Sophomore reading list a few weeks ago and now I have finished typing it up, so I am un-privatizing it while I work on adding links. If you're interested.
Tags: loltastic, movies, power rangers, rachelle lefevre

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