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Spoiler Roundup

I've been watching spoilers dance wildly across the internet for over a month now, only half paying attention, refusing to allow them to make any sort of an impact yet.  I haven't actually been hunting them, but LJ friends and TV Squad kept waving them in front of my face, until I got tired of hearing everything secondhand and hit up SpoilerFix, YTDAW, Talk CSI and Ausiello for myself.   And only then did I realize what a large volume of spoilers I'm actually aware of, so...I think it's time I reacted to them, for my own personal sanity.  And also because I need to do something to rev up my interest in the upcoming TV season again.

CSIM: This show's just been pouring on the spoiler love.  Information flows every which way you turn, which is a welcome change from last year, when I'm pretty sure even by the end of summer, outside of "Rio" we were struggling to come up with much more than episode summaries from The Futon Critic.

For starters, my incredulous rage over Speedle coming back (an idea introduced in ep 2, realized in ep 3, I think) has subsided a good deal now that I'm 95% sure it's in the context of Eric and his head injury/near death experience.  Excellent.  I was so worried they were going to feed the delusional Speedle-lovers who write implausible denial!fic to this day about how he's really just off in Witness Protection, or something.  Especially when this sparked the debate topic that Marisol ought to be able to come back too, which...people, even I don't want that.  I miss her, but let it goIt has nothing to do with the fact that Yelina is now conveniently widowed again.    Anyway.  I wasn't especially interested in this show during the early years, and when Ryan came along, I liked him better.  Two years, full-blown obsession, DVD sets and a lot of Ryan Asshattery later, I have revised that opinion and am thoroughly excited to see Speed again.  (And I'm sure this could tie into "Call a Therapist" somehow, I'm just not sure how best to use that to my advantage.  Any ideas?) 

Speaking of Ryan, four episodes into the new season we're apparently still kicking him around from odd job to odd job, dragging our heels on reinstating him.  I would like to believe there is a Grand Plan to this plot point, but it kind of feels like they're wandering aimlessly, at a loss as to how to wrap this up.  Do they even remember why they cooked up the gambling/firing storyline in the first place?  Come to think of it, do I?

Horatio's Kid continues to appear; I'll decide whether or not this is a good thing once I've seen him with my own eyes.  One of the more fun tidbits that's cropped up so far, however, is that Horatio finds out he himself is being followed.  EXCELLENT.  Clearly, the reason we didn't see much of Stetler last year is that he was gathering funds in order to more effectively pursue his beloved dirt-digging mission, this time by hiring a skilled investigator to track Horatio round the clock.

On the whole, though, my attitude towards the spoilers is pretty high - or at least more favorable than those for the other two shows in the franchise - and I've got my fingers crossed that somehow, some way, it can do what the original CSI did, and manage to have a stellar season on the heels of its worst ever.
CSI: NY: Let me explain what my relationship with the CSI franchise has been like in recent years, and see if you can spot the pattern --

04-05: Fall in love with CSI
05-06: CSI has worst year ever; fall in love with CSI: Miami instead
06-07: CSI: Miami has worst year ever; fall in love with CSI: NY instead
07-08: Based upon spoilers, CSI: NY is shaping up to have its worst year ever.

Why am I only able to lavish my obsession on a show for one season before it curls up and dies?  Admittedly, CSI pulled itself out of its tailspin and Miami appears to be on the rise as well,'s frustrating, because until the spoilers hit, CSI: NY was the show I was most looking forward to seeing again.  And now my response is pretty much "ugh."  Main things that have been rankling me:

1. Flack's new love interest, who by all accounts is young, sickeningly gorgeous, rich (as in socialite), airheaded, and a completely implausible match for Flack.  Even setting her description aside, I'm displeased with this development, mostly because it took them so long to get around to it.  Objectively speaking, I'm not at all opposed to the idea of Flack having an outside love interest (think about it: would I turn down a chance to see him showcased in Cute Scenes?). 

However, since I figured I was never going to get to see that, I figured it was up to me to fill in the (canon-compliant, of course) blanks.  Which I did.  I'm quite set in my fanon ways by this point, and I'm sure other people are as well.  Every Flack fan has their favorite explanation; I am invested in bookwrangler's.  Tess Nagy, high school English teacher and pending mother of his child, *does* exist, she's just offscreen.  They're a bit of a crash-course example of a relationship, but it's very touching all the same.  Besides, once I'd found that story to satisfy me, I was no longer disappointed in his utter lack of Cute Scenes, because my imagination was able to fill in the blanks.  This new girlfriend, however, will cause a very unpleasant shattering of my fantasy.  >.<

Also? I just found this description of episode 3: Flack and his girlfriend, a young socialite, are getting it on in the living room of her apartment.
FLAIL, THE HORROR! I used to take descriptions like that, when it came to CSI shows, with a grain of salt.  Spoilers always played things like that up much more than crimeshows would ever deliver.  But after Frankie's Secret Camera, or more specifically after Mac opened the season shirtless and Danny and Lindsay destroyed my innocence, I think I might need to replenish my stock of eye bleach.  Damn you for finding a way to ruin a Flack scene for me. 
Voice: She will, of course, entirely change her tune if she somehow manages to find the socialite pretty.  In fact, I suspect that even if she doesn't, she'll just squint and pretend the girl's Tess.
RS: I hate the fact that you might be right.

2. Stella's going to have a new love interest, as well.  Hey, I'm all for Stella having a new love interest.  I am not at all for said love interest being described as 25, because SQUICK!  Look, people, it took me a long time to get over my revulsion of 10+ years' age difference when it involved an older guy.  Don't ask me to greenlight the other way around.  It's just not going to happen.  Ever.  Damn you, Ashton and Demi, YOU WERE A FLUKE!

3. From, It looks like they are going for D/L take 2 with the Adam/Kelly pairing.
Oh, okay.  How about we DON'T DO THAT, since a) Kelly is a brand new character and nobody cares about the personal lives, especially the love lives, of brand new characters.  Especially not brand new minor characters.   And b) this sounds like more screentime for Adam.  Which means that my secret hope the actor has left to pursue other projects has once again been thwarted.  Sigh.

4. Peyton has apparently elected to stay in London.  ()*@&$()@&$#! *pause*  ()*@&$()@&$#!()*@&$()@&$#!
This bites.  Mac & Peyton not only ended up being far more satisfying than Danny/Lindsay, in retrospect I think that might have been one of the biggest reasons I loved the show last year.  It was certainly a factor in making me like Mac a great deal more than I ever expected to.  I really didn't think I'd have to worry about Claire Forlani not being attached to the show next year; after they increased her role so much in the second half of the season, I really thought she was guaranteed a recurring part next season, even if only for a few episodes.  Apparently not.   I have to go over here and sulk in my Corner of Bitterness now.

Overall: I can't believe how relationships are being addressed right off the bat, and that's not even counting their major established 'ship.  And you thought last year was The Lab of Love...actually, this year looks more like The Lab of Mistakes Involving Love.   They are still going to solve cases in their spare time, though, right?  I don't care about being spoiled for case details - in fact, I'd rather not be - I'm just starting to wonder how they'rel going to fit in around everything else.

There are a couple of spoilers I do like the sound of, though:
1. Episode 2 signals the return of violent!Mac, apparently almost crushing a suspect's windpipe.  Oh, I love violent team leaders.  No idea why, I just do.

2. I'm hearing the name "Chief Sinclair" thrown around for one of the eps.  *skips and dances*  Continuity?

3. As of four episodes in, Danny and Lindsay's relationship does not appear to have blown up yet.  I'm shocked.  Maybe all these stupid romances are a blessing in disguise; D/L can hang out in the background and slip by, adorably and cutely under the radar.  In fact, if they could contain themselves to a Grissom-and-Sara level of on onscreen romance, I'll be happier than you know.
CSI: Reason #429 that cliff-hanging Sara's fate was stupid...people are going to have spoilers up possibly as far as episode 6 by the time your stupid season premieres, by which point it will be rather obvious whether she lives or dies.  And even the spoiler-free tend to hear about contract negotiations and casting news.  All you succeeded in doing was making people (i.e. me) particularly rageful at having to wait until July to find out, at which point they still wouldn't be satisfied because they'd just get the information, without any context.

On that note, however, spoilers for this show have become ridiculously few and far between.  I'm cranky about having YTDAW's doors shut in my face, since my 40 posts in 2 years were not enough to auotmatically grant me Shiny Established Member status, and I'm far too embarassed to ask.  Nor am I interested in posting on the boards to up my post-count; I just can't get into message board discussion unless it's a spoiler or episode review thread.  So instead, I bitch on LJ, and in the meantime put up with the poor quality of CSI Files/Talk CSI.

The impression I've gotten is that nobody actually knows for sure, which is odd, but it sounds like she might live.  It also sounds, or maybe this is just an idea I've gotten from the general tone of what people are saying, like she might not be long for the series after that.  Which...I'm torn about.  I am deeply invested in her living, both because that would have been an exceptionally cheap and poor sendoff after 7 years, and because after patiently waiting so many years for it, GSR deserves a happy ending.  But it just won't be the same without Sara.  Greg's the only character I like more than her; take her out of the picture and the cast as a whole fades a bit for me.  Also, I'm tired of hearing about the casting for a new character (lab technician, I think) - if there is one positive to losing Sara, it's that the remaining cast might get a bit more time in the spotlight.  We do not need a replacement.

Anyway.  Even if she lives, and even if she stays on the show (something my Happy Bubble of Optimism wants very much), it won't be quite the same.  There will be consequences for this relationship being out in the open, and I doubt it'll be as simple as appointing Catherine shift supervisor.  The more I think about it, the more I fear I'm going to be extremely disappointed in the handling of this. Although I thought its introduction rather mundane and anti-climatic, its status throughout season 7 was beautiful and brilliant, everything I could have asked for (well, almost everything.  Someone felt a need to throw in a shaving scene and continue to refuse showing me an embrace).  And now I wonder how well it's really going to play out, no matter what TPTB quote me about coming to a "smartly done" conclusion.

Voice: Alternatively, you could just provide her with a hospital-visit scene at the end of "Dead Doll," and she will be too dazed to care about anything else for the rest of the year. 
NCIS: Spoilers for this show are ridiculously rare, at least in my hunting grounds.  The first bit of interesting info just crossed my path today.  Said pertinent info is that Jen is still director of NCIS - phew! - but as of episode 3, Mann is apparently employed by NCIS, though the size of her role is unknown.  Okay...see, the thing is, I can only take her in very small doses.  I think three episodes per year is my upper limit.  Even a recurring character role, if it gets above 3 eps, is too much.  If she's a series regular, I may have to kill myself.

On the bright side, we're going to meet one of Gibbs' ex-wives.  That should be amusing. 

I haven't heard anything about Jeanne.  Until I do, I'm just going to pretend she vanished over the summer hiatus without explanation and is never mentioned again.  
Without a Trace: First, let's give a big squee for crossing over with CSI, because even though it would make eleven thousand times more sense to cross it with CSI: NY, I <3 crime-show crossovers.  Now, let the squeeing die for this quote: (source)

"Without a Trace": Star Poppy Montgomery is pregnant, and the show will probably make her character pregnant as well.

"There's no reason not to," Littman says. ""It's more ambitious that way. It's easy to hide behind a lot of folders. It's not as interesting for the audience. They all know. It's interesting for a single FBI agent who has dated two men in the office. If you remember, she was in bed with a guy at the end of the season. Never saw his face. That was just fortuitous."

Oh, DAMN IT!  There are plenty of reasons not to!  You tried a pregnancy last year, and it failed miserably!  Even the JSR fans don't have cause to rejoice, since if Jack proved anything last year with said failed pregnancy, it was that he has zero to less than zero interest in taking on the responsibility of another baby.  And if he changes his mind I may shoot myself in the head.  And...and...okay, I can't actually come up with any good reasons not to.  It just strikes a nerve with me, in a very negative way.  I'd rather they went down the easy route of file folders, desks, and screentime reduction. 

Also, the show is going back to Thursdays at 9, which I already knew, but which still makes me rageful because
a) My Sundays are now looking very poor and spindly indeed, nothing left but Cold Case, and I'm not even overly fond of that one
b) my Thursdays are ridiculously bloated as-is; I know I can stretch out my actual watching of those shows all weekend, but then I get behind on reading other peoples' reviews
c) it clashes with ER, and neither show streams online, and neither show seems especially popular with internet fandom so I don't knowif I could rely on downloads, even if I knew where to find said downloads.  (on that note, does anyone know where to find them?)
Bones: Here's hoping the "search for Angela's husband" arc, which seems to be spanning across several episodes, is actually as entertaining as it sounds and doesn't bog the show down like Dt. Tritter did to House last year.  In other news, apparently Booth & Bones are going to be at odds the entire time, and since they seemed pretty smiley in the season finale, I don't really know where that's coming from, but I guess that's one of the season premiere surprises.  As long as there's not another Sully in the picture, I don't mind when they're in a snit like that.  Sniping is nearly as much fun to watch as banter.  OH, and apparently they're going to wrap up the mystery from last season's "Vanished" at some point.  Like most people, I never watched the show, but I'm sure it will bring lots a few people closure, so thumbs up.

The storyline I'm not looking forward to is anything dealing with Brennan's father, because despite what I was sure of when I started watching this show with season 2, that I would eventually come to care about her family and other backstory...I don't.  Brennan's family still holds zero interest for me whatsoever. 

The thing that makes me bring out the Capslock of Rage is TIMESLOT SWITCH TO 7 PM TUESDAYS.  Clashing with NCIS.  Which means that unless Bones gets its act together and starts streaming online, I'll have to watch or tape that show, and wait until the next day to watch NCIS online.  And anyway, it's not very nice to pit the two funniest forensics dramas against one another.  
Grey's Anatomy: So apparently, over the summer someone (or possibly several people) smacked a bit of sense back into Shonda's head, and it sounds like the unholy pairings of both Lexik and Gizzie are on the chopping block.  Yay!  At the current moment, I'm torn over Lexie Grey, because I love Chyler Leigh and yet I despise anything related to Meredith's family.  However, if she's not going to get tangled up with McDreamy, that's a lot of points in her favor.  And yet, on the other hand, I really don't want to meet another batch of new interns, because come on - is this show not already suffering from cast bloat as it is?  I know Addison and Burke got sent out the door, but still.  Here's hoping the other interns have very minor roles, akin to the background detectives on the CSI shows.

As for Gizzie being over - I don't know how to feel about that, either.  I really, really, really dislike Callie, and if we used the wayback machine to enter early season 2, before any hookups happened, I would prefer the George/Izzie pairing.  But the way it actually went down was just such a swampy mess that it's hard to want anything to be salvaged from it.  And yet I think this way is going to make for even more awkward storytelling, because it'll feel like "Wait, why the hell did we have to suffer through episode after episode of that crap if you weren't going to GO anywhere with it?!"  I mean, they got in so far with it that I'd almost be more relieved if they just pushed on and kept going, rather than trying to messily backtrack.  But they're not, so I should stop thinking about that.

As for George being an intern again, I've changed my mind.  This will not make an interesting storyline; I don't want to see him bossed around by his peers any more than I want Callie to be able to give Bailey orders. Oh, I wish T.R. Knight had just asked to be let out of his contract, instead of padding it. 

Burke/Cristina's over, obviously, since Washington got rudely kicked out the door, and that irks me more than all the Mer/Der breakups in the world because if he's gone, there's not even a hope it will be repaired.  Meanwhile, I will spend the rest of the show worrying that Cristina will get a new love interest (a word which, on Grey's, is more likely to mean "casual affair"), and that might make me have to break a screen or two.  I would like to believe that won't happen, at least not in season 4.  Haven't we gathered that out of all the interns, Cristina is the only one whose intelligence outstrips her lust-crazed hormones?  Meredith drowns her sorrow in tequila and men, but Cristina would drown hers in extra work, wouldn't she?

Who am I women are not allowed to remain single and/or clothed on this show for more than a span of about six episodes.  Sigh.

Oh!  But the good news is that Ava will be back!  Maybe I'll get my kiss after all.  And since Lexie's inevitable hookup guy has been potentially switched from Derek to Alex, hopefully Ava will not actually end up leaving her husband for Alex.  This sounds much too good to be true; clearly it will blow up in some horrible backfiring way by the time this actually airs.

In non-relationship related news, the season premiere contains a raccoon deer.  Either way, it's injured wildlife in the hospital, people, and that's EXCITING!  Until someone is clever enough to create a show along the lines of "Animal E.R.", the best I can hope for are random guest spots on regular medical shows.  It will be 6,000 times greater than any human case could ever be.  Until the part where I inevitably become enraged when they refuse to treat the animal, or euthanize it because it's easier, or the animal's plight takes a backseat to relationship metaphors, or something similarly irritating that inspires me to use the Capslock of Rage. 
Private Practice: Um, people, we have a problem.  One of my major reasons for ADORING THIS SHOW, Merrin Dungey, is no longer there.  Her part has been recast.  PROBLEM!  I didn't realize until just now how much revolved around her.  Not only was she fantastic on her own, but I was planning to nurse a secret hope for the entire series that she and Sam would get back together, because they made such a ridiculously attractive and perfect-looking family.  And she and Addison just LOOKED like perfect best friends.  The new woman in the role?  Doesn't give me that sense.  I got very attached to the visual images of Kate Walsh & Merrin Dungey.

Even though I adore Addison, I'm suddenly much less interested in watching this show...I probably will, since it's in a free-and-clear timeslot, but my enthusiasm is very, very small, and if I find myself strapped for time, this'll be the first show on the chopping block.
ER: Despite the promising spoilers from the first two eps of the season, with the mob trampling and the rescue and the hospitalized Neela, she and Gates are apparently, and I quote, "kaput" as of season 3.  Their haphazardly on-and-off "relationship" has been exceedingly frustrating for me, though, so I'm almost more relieved to just have a definite answer about the pair of them than I am disappointed about not getting my way.  And anyway, the only thing I really care about is whether or not he gets Sarah back, which of course nobody sees fit to put in their spoilers.  Grumble.
Lost: A lot of what's out is just casting news for new characters, which really doesn't interest me.  And I would do well not to get too interested in this show's return, seeing as it's not happening UNTIL FREAKING FEBRUARY.  Still, so far I've gathered things like
  • the 4-toed statue will be addressed (yay!)
  • Michael returns (potential yay!  I really didn't like Michael when he was around, but as the people I liked better have been steadily getting culled, and people like Ben, Locke, Desmond and Hurley are around, Michael suddenly becomes a lot more interesting)
  • Desmond feels all guilty about Charlie's death, and wonders "whether or not Charlie would have made this sacrifice, had he not told him that was what he was going to do?" (OMGWTF, I think I hate you even more than I did last May, if that's possible)
there will be flashbacks as well as flash-forwards (argh...but there's nothing left to SAY in flashbacks!  Unless - perhaps the flashbacks are only for new characters, and all the established characters can move on to flash-forwards?  Because I would totally love that)
Well, that was a fun use of 3 hours.
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