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IDK what happend at the end of last season, but it seems I once again forgot to talk about the finale. I'm on the laptop so I can't even figure out if I had any notes started, and frankly that season was so dull I genuinely don't care if I talk it out in sufficient detail, so I will just say:

[in spoiler text!]I guess I am OK with Tattooed Marine Cowboy Ben winning; I obviously would have voted for Chrissy and I really thought it would be closer, but I certainly don't think she was ~robbed~ or whatever nonsense the conspiracy theorists came up with. Ben had a cool story and that always influences my opinions. My hyper-intense obsession with The Brave may also have made me feel more favorable toward the military vet. WHO CAN SAY.

As for the new season...

So far my favorite moment has been the line "If I get voted out by frickin' Jacob, I'm going to be so annoyed," so that's where I'm coming from. Currently I'm really digging Ghost Island and the possible advantages there, as well as all the twists that happened right off the bat, but (as usual) super bored by the people. And they don't even seem like bad people, really. I am just super soured by how largely awful last season was and without being immediately enchanted by anyone, I have a grudge against everyone. But at least I am not real bothered by the two voted out so far, either.

I'll evaluate everyone in proper order next week, so for right now here's what I got from the people I remember:

* Gonzalez: Mom is really bad she got voted out; she was really looking forward to hearing more of her stories. I am very "meh" about it, but I did note that she looked WILDLY like Roselyn Sanchez.

* Donathon: has a special gift for for working my first and last nerve simultaneously, even before he sat there whining "I can't, I 100% can't, I didn't even try to dive underwater but I know totally can't even though this other guy has repeatedly tried and made zero progress, and my refusal to try is single-handedly causing us to lose," until Jeff was basically shaming him off his butt, and somehow he remembered that as "And somehow, I just knew I could do it, and it was totally amazing when I did!!"

* I am annoyed at whoever failed to clothe Desiree's chest with properly fitting garments because she seems great and does not deserve that. I don't know how she is pulling off a hairstyle like that, which is normally one of my greatest enemies, but somehow it looks great on her??

* I 100% refuse to accept that one dude is 18 because I was waiting for him to say he was 27, 28,

* Jacob: if there is ANYONE I would believe is 18, it's this big kid (who fortunately is gone, taking his squirrelyness with him)

* On that blond blowhard: "Male model? I don't see it. Like there's just not a lot going on in the face department there. Chippendales dancer, I'd buy."
(also, he has a special way of grating on the nerves)

* I really like that coach/gym teacher guy with the ridiculously toned muscles. There's just something about his face and demeanor you like. I'd forgotten what it was like to not hate buff dudes over 30 on sight.

* I don't know if I like my namesake so far. The hair is a bit much -- and that's something coming from me. (I don't know! it just doesn't fit with her complexion. it looks like a wig) Also, I have the strongest urge to call her Perrie. Or Kerrie. Something that ends like that, due to her pixie-ish nature.

* We haven't gotten to see or hear much from the other girls but I think I like them so far, especially the one who seemed closest with all the buff guys.

* Except maybe Kellyn. Her face and personality say "like me" but her giddiness about being divorced at 31 is I wish we lived in a world where people only got divorced because their spouse was abusive/controlling/an addict, but as long as people do so for dumb reasons, I have to assume it was due to a personal failing.

* Anyway...I love that dude who's like a smiley, happy Donald Glover! Deciding to make/design furniture after going to law school seems like an expensive way to learn about yourself, but his current career is way cooler, so that's awesome.

* I don't know what to with Sea Bass, a.ka. the guy whom I expect to see in macros next to King Ozzy with the latter saying "this is my smol son." Is he a wonderful substitute? Or a sub-par xerox? Time will tell.

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