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Library Triage Post!

I literally made a "reading triage" post on Tumblr 3 days ago, and I was hoping to hold out on making another until March 20th, when "spring TBR" is the Top Ten Tuesday theme, but I have literally over two dozen library checkouts at the moment, of which roughly 35-40% are turnover since 3 days ago, and I need to make some sort of sense out of them, SO:

UPDATE: just for myself, as of March 8 (the day this post went from private to public), I am going to strike out the ones I have since returned.

1. Tristan Prettyman, "Cedar + Gold"
Checked out for "I Was Gonna Marry You," then found out it's a semi-concept album about the rest of that true story re: Jason Mraz, and now I'm intrigued so it's living in my car in preparation for the 45 minutes of commuting I'm about to start doing nightly.

2. Aoife O'Donovan, "The Magic Hour"
One of her tracks is going on up on The Music List's next installment, and I really like her musical style so I'm going to see if I can fall in love with more; ergo: also living in my car.

Pending pickup: Halsey, "Badlands." Every time "Him and I" comes on the radio and get sucked into how much I love her music before SOME GROSS CURSE-LADEN RAPPER barges in, I swear along with him and wish I could flip post-haste to the more palatable option.

1-2. Miracles From Heaven & A Heavenly Christmas
Basically I am just hoarding these until the last possible day in case I have a hankering to see their swoon-worthy scenes at any given moment.

3. Autumn In New York
I've been meaning to see this ever since I found out about it last year, and finally got off my butt to go locate it. I don’t care how mocked or panned this is, it simultaneously pings my “middle aged dude charmed by bright young thing” AND my hurt/comfort radars and it stars gorgeous people to boot. This movie answered my dreams before I was old enough to dream them. The only problem now is that I'm trying to get myself in the exact right mood to actually lie down and view it.

4. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
First of all, because Dude Movies seem to be my accidental wheelhouse and the fact that this was panned as such makes me more convinced I’ll like it, and second of all, because Charlie Hunnam keeps being in things that are, and consequently making himself, relevant to my interests. While I’m still insisting he does not twitterpate my heart, he is quite enjoyable to look at as he disappears into his roles.

5. Little Fish
Am I on a quest to watch everything with Martin Henderson in it that I can get my hands on? Yes. But also, if it's as excruciating as it's always looked, I'm just gonna cut bait (see what I did there) and skim for his scenes.

6. Brooklyn
I've been meaning to see this since last Oscar season! And it just showed up in stock at the library. Not sure if I am in the right mood for it, but parents might like it even if I am not ready.

7. PotC 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Because it was a work weekend last time I checked it out and I never had time to see it or watch any special features. Now the request list has died down to near zero, so even if I do not get to it right away, I can probably renew this time.

1. CSI: NY, season 4
Here for the episode with Devon and ostensibly nothing more, but I know how I am when I get nostalgic. I'll probaby read through all my old reviews and find a bunch more I want to revisit.

2. House, season 5
Here for Martin Henderson's episode, and other similarities with the above.

3. Rake, series 2
Guess who guest stars in an episode this season. Just guess.

4-5. The Red Road, seasons 1-2
I was so excited to finally have something to watch on Netflix! But then it turned out the library had it, and, well, non-streaming is always better.
I probably won't have time to watch this even if I can keep them for the full 3 weeks, but it feels good to have the option.

6-7. Grey's Anatomy, season 7 & 9
I took myself down Memory Lane via old reviews and YouTube clips a couple of nights ago, and this is what the local library had in stock relevant to my interests. The last season I watched in full + the one I accidentally quit at the beginning of but always meant to finish, even after I gave up on coming back full time.

Pending pickup: I would really like to have seasons 6 and 8 of GA at my disposal too. Mostly for their finales, but possibly other shippy bits to relive.

1-2: Mystery books I let my dad check out because he maxed out his card (a.k.a. exceeded the $10 maximum in fines you are allowed to have before you are banned from borrowing until you pay it down to that threshold), and I watch my account like a hawk (a.k.a. I literally log in and look at it at least twice a day. As you can see by this post, I have to. Currently there are 7 different due dates for my 23 items.)

3-4: The Secret Keeper or The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
Checked out because I was just enthralled by The Lake House, and my first instinct was to stock up on more, but that also required several hours of reading commitment, and now I think I might throw these back for the time being and let that story percolate a bit more. Shoulda taken them back today, really.

5. The Many Lives of John Stone - Linda Buckley Archer
It is Absolutely Due in 4 days and there is almost no chance I will finish reading it before then; I really should have just tossed it back today so I could reset my 3-9 week limit, but I am wildly stubborn. [edit: yeah, I should have done that. It has been returned unread, but will be picked up again next time I go.]

6. Has To Be Love - Jolene Perry
This is also Absolutely Due in 4 days, and I have already theoretically decided not to finish it because I don't want my heart dragged through the rubble, but I keep stealing glances at it and thinking maybe it will turn out acceptable after all. IDK IDK I cannot decide, even though this is the second time I have checked it out via Interlibrary Loan and I really cannot keep squandering that graciously free option on the same book.

7. Heart Like Mine - Maggie McGinnis
I’m still on the prowl for Ben/Ryan shaped stories, but after getting bogged down in anguishing Grey’s Anatomy clips last night, I might run with Derek/Meredith for this one instead. (..especially after learning it includes a[spoiler]SHOOTER IN THE HOSPITALr u kidding me)

8. The Raft - S.A. Bodeen
Terror at Bottle Creek proved somewhat disappointing, so I’m hoping a survival adventure with a female protagonist will turn it around.

9. The Mountain Between Us - Charles Martin
The request list for the movie is 90 miles long, but inspiration struck, and yes! Turns out is based on a book, by an author who recently pinged my interest on another potential read. It also turns out that the male character is a surgeon, which I did not know before now, and after a quick peek at the text, I gotta say: Kate Winslet and Idris Elba are not gonna do it for me in this medium when I have all of Shondaland suddenly at my casting disposal.

10. Once and For All by Sarah Dessen
Because I happened to glance down and go, "Oh, look what's in stock. A new Dessen book!" IDK if I will actually be in the mood to read it, but at least the option is there.

Pending eventual pickup: When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin, though it is an ILL and taking its sweet time showing up.


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