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I have 2, but suddenly I want more like 13 Grey's Anatomy icons to cover my tornado of Feels

Hi! I am here to formally apologize to the season 8 finale of Grey's Anatomy, which I called "oddly unaffecting," "a limp setup," and "hollow," though in fairness I did give myself an opening to claim possible shell-shock over Lexie. Because I just rewatched the Mer/Der clips from it on YouTube, and that is absolutely all the potential I thought it had. Six years late to unlock is better than never.

See, I'm in the middle of reading The Mountain Between Us (because the movie request list at the library is too long), and it's amazingly detailed on the medical stuff because one character is a surgeon, and it got me thinking "wow imagine if they were both surgeons NO WAIT THAT ACTUALLY EXISTS." 

With a whole team of surgeons. And so many exceptional dynamics for fear and injury: boyfriend/girlfriend, guy/his daughter's stepmother (...Mark/Arizona is hard to explain), best friends (x2), sisters, brother in law/sister in law, husband/wife, and a bonus worried husband at home, quietly freaking out and ready for an Epic Reunion. Maybe even more than I am forgetting (oh! Derek/Cristina, the bond of mutual love for a third person). And this time around, all of those interpersonal dynamics are just astoundingly good. Remind me to go over this in more detail, but Derek's face after asking about Lexie? how did I not just die right there.

Derek's muffled screaming during the safety-pin stitching crossed with my unfortunate exposure to "Would You Rather" may also have given rise in my head to just a whole lot of fantastic/trashy torture porn. ( be clear, in the colloquial/Criminal Minds sense, not the Fifty Shades one. that's a whole worse side of Tumblr)

But the thing is, there is still not as much satisfying survival footage as it feels like there should be. Is there any missing-scene fic**? I can't remember how much season 9 fills in, even though I have definitely gone a-wandering and consumed many if not all of the personal scenes in 9x02 from YouTube, but I feel like it leaves out a fair bit of time in the woods, and I would kill for missing-scene fic of that time.

I want more of Cristina/Meredith/Derek huddling for warmth (the others? what others). I want expansion on that ultra-eerie "they were fighting over Lexie" (her body, that is, "they" being wild animals). I want Derek/Meredith convos -- where were they in the parenting timeline at that point, for instance? I want Cristina alone with her thoughts about Owen and what she regrets. Or what she doesn't. Or really, any other thoughts that spring from being awake for 4 days. (Hell, that could be a whole story on its own, her slowly unraveling grip on sanity) I want more of Derek's reaction to Mark. I would even tolerate sections of Arizona's thoughts for a sense of completion, if you were doing a fic with chapters for everybody.

In lieu of that, I would accept an edited YouTube video(s) dedicated to showing only the woods scenes (and maaaaybe the relevant scenes with Owen) in 8x24 and the aftermath/flashbacks in season 9 put in chronological order.

**UPDATE: I cannot believe it worked, but I just kinda threw myself blind at AO3 circa the original airdate time period and hoped for the best, and I found one. to my exact specifications: "Missing Moment" by way of Ariaadagio. 3000 words of Mer/Der "because hello? where were the snuggles?"

And then I found another: Sorry About All the Death, 10 chapters/18k words, which I have barely skimmed out of feverish anticipation and which looks overall to have 90% more Arizona/Calzone than I can ever take, but there is plenty of missing scenery around the edges to make me a happy camper.

(honestly, it reminds of of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince where I had to put up with Harrys' viewpoint when all I wanted to do was chase the crumbs of the love story happening in his peripheral vision. actually, by comparison, this is not nearly as bad)
Tags: fic rec, grey's anatomy
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