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RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Yo, VIPs! Let's kick it!

"Have you been in fandom for a long time? Help us out with our research!"

[EDIT: the survey is now closed, unfortunately -- barely five days got them all they needed, wow! -- but this post shal remain.]

Some researchers are looking for members who have been in fandom for 10+ years, which is pretty much everyone left here on LJ I think, about how fandom has migrated to different platform fandoms over the years and what your experiences with those changes has been. I had a blast essentially writing my fandom autobiography, dredging up the names of forums and fansites all but forgotten from the early 00s, and I think you will too. Or I hope you will. I just love being a part of a something.

Bonus: here you can enjoy my witty side commentary that was not submitted in the final draft of my answers.

1. "when on fanfiction.net, what would you consider to be your primary fandom”

oh ho ho buddy have I got a story for you

# direct quote about my username: '"rainbow" is for my far-reaching and often shifting tastes in fanfic categories.' # I'VE BEEN EV-ER-Y-WHERE MAN #  IF THERE IS A SHOW I WATCHED I WAS AND TO THIS DAY AM ON FFN FOR IT # I literally joined the day after [edit: 2 days before, oop!] I turned 13  # I have posted in 12 different categories # probably read from several dozen more # literally nothing has ever remained the Top Fandom for longer than maybe 3 or 4 years running # what in god's name could possibly be the answer here

(spoiler alert: I ended up saying CSI: Miami, based on the fact that it's what I wrote the most for, I read most of the fic I like for this show there, it's what I read the most when I joined, and it's where I had the most interaction with other fans specifically on that platform)

2. “when on Livejournal, what would you consider to be your primary fandom?”


(I ended up saying Glee here, just because it is def not my top Tumblr fandom anymore [that honor goes to Zoo, because it brought me friends! even if it has all but disappeared since summer], and I threw so much effort into talking about it that I made an entire page, visible on my sidebar, linking to its episode reviews in one easy list. I also commented on as much fic here as I could, even when it was posted to other platforms. Plus I joined not 1 but 2 fandom communities that I was active in. I never joined fandom communities)

3. “Are there any positive effects you can describe about moving to a new [fandom] platform?”

lol no
(then I realized actually, there was a major advantage to moving from message boards to LJ, because then there was an actual archive for all the talk, your own and others, that you could go back to, instead of flash in the pan thoughts that disappeared in a matter of weeks. or even days. In related news, why is fandom drifting back in that bad direction) (TWITTER)

...in retrospect I should have said I was on Twitter too -- I didn't check it off because I never actually Tweet or interact with other fans there, so I don't really consider it part of my usual fandom platform the way a lot of people do, but I definitely rely on Twitter accounts of cast and crew members relevant to their work as part of my personal fandom experience. Especially now with The Brave.

4. there goes my memory...
I had to go back to the pages about forums/message boards and fan archives like 5 times because I kept forgetting important places I went before LJ -- or even the early days of LJ, like I STRAIGHT UP FORGOT MTT, More Than That, the Jim/Pam haven I practically lived on from 2007-2009.

...also GDI I totally forgot about Coffee and Scarves, the Klaine Haven. THAT WASN'T EVEN LONG AGO. I knew I used to read actual fanfiction in places that were not AO3 or FFN!

But at least I did not forget CSI Files (that used to be a daily destination!), Your Tax Dollars At Work (o early days of detailed, script-access spoiler heaven! and the number one destination to talk GSR on CSI...and also really the only place to talk Without A Trace), or The Idealists Haven (X-Files, and my original post-kids-shows fandom home).

5. Final Tally
So, remember comment 1 up there? About why I had trouble choosing a primary? On a whim, I tried to go through my fandom tags on this blog and see if I could count how many I've been involved in over my life -- just the ones I felt I was involved with fandom for, mind, e.g. ever went looking for fic or communicated with other fans outside of this blog about it, so this isn't even all the television shows I've watched at least a season of -- and I came up with a rough estimate of:
[Guess! Hint, more than 30. No upper limit.]
69. Sixty-nine books, movies and/or TV shows I loved enough to find, or try to find (*cough Off the Map*), a community for. (and some of them get sort of messy, like, is the Whoniverse one, or are DW/TW/SJA three separate ones? What about CSI-verse?)
To be honest, I thought it would be closer to a hundred seeing as I have been fanning about in one form or another for almost 20 years*, which is why I plan to do a more detailed recount in the near future, but...yeah. That is a lot.
(*For the purposes of this survey, I included my dating-back-to-summer-99 time on Team Rocket message boards. There is some internal debate about whether to include Animorphs, circa 1998, because my friend introduced me to the concept of fanfiction for it because we both loved the series, and I think I might have been involved in chatrooms or forums as well? But that was before I kept a paper journal so I am not really sure how involved I got on my own. I had sim horse clubs to occupy the majority of my online time before 2000.)


P.S. I have a ton of comments and posts to respond to all ofa  sudden and I will try my best to get to them in a timely manner (STUPID WORK WEEK111!!), but this is what sucked away all my attention last night and ruined me for real work, so I might as well try to salvage something.
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