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You promised me / our love written on the wall

Yes hello I would like to file for emotional damages from having stumbled across this Tristan Prettyman song -- and this line in particular -- at the same time was busy falling into the emotional quagmire that is confronting the end of Derek's run on Grey's Anatomy, which means I can't stop seeing their bedroom wall when I hear it, and so the whole song has become their End of Days anthem* to me.

*This song is actually directed at someone who ended an engagement. It is entirely not applicable in many ways. And yet...some of those lines can also be directed to the show itself and/or to my own fool-ass shipper dreams (shouldn't trust my heart this time / but the mind, it changes like the weather), so I continue pummeling my heart listening to it over and over, and everything hurts.
Tags: grey's anatomy, lyrical post titles

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