RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I AM FREEEE! I AM IN A 48-HOURS-WORK FREEEEE CYCLE! I celebrated St. Patrick's Day by watching an Irish-themed movie (Brooklyn), having a big green salad + key lime cake, and I know that I should use some of this time to write up all the thoughts I have not had time to write up all week, but instead I'm choosing to while away the remainder of my Saturday evening by reading and catching up on the TV I haven't watched since my night job started (2 weeks of Survivor, Criminal Minds & Scorpion, plus I wanted to take a look at new shows Champions and Rise -- p.s. why is this season's TV crop of show titles so generic), even though that feels futile since I no longer actually write about it.

And I just wanted to shout all these facts into the universe, I guess.
Tags: drive-by posting
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