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Top 10 Books On Your Spring TBR

This week on Top Ten Tuesday...I am finally back! Despite having made two of these posts already this month, this one is different, somehow! Sexier and more exciting*! This post is currently queued; link to be updated to the specific topic post once I link this post there.

*disclaimer: this post will contain zero percent sexiness

1. The Secret Keeper or The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
After being enthralled by The Lake House, while she requires several significant hours of reading investment per book, if and when I have the time to get lost, I am intrigued to test out another. These two sound the best. Will probably only have the perseverance for one before I need a change, but still not sure which one. I have some reservations about what people have said regarding the main character of the second one, but on the other hand: that title, wow.

2. Hit the Road - Caroline B. Cooney
I checked this out once before, but never got around to it, for whatever reason. However, this tale of a 16-year-old driving her grandmother + 3 other old ladies on a cross-country trip to their college reunion sounds like a hoot perfect for springtime.

3. Me and My Mona Lisa Smile - Sheila Hayes
I located a picture book by this author for someone on What Was That Book?, curiously clicked to see what else she had, and -- oh my. Is that a student/teacher romance? But like, a vintage, possibly middle-grade-aimed and/or unrequited one that won't be gross or force me to learn A Hard Lesson while still allowing me to enjoy all the benefits?? I don't know, but that's why it's on its way in from ILL.

4. A New Penny - Bianca Bradbury
I do not know how I stumbled across this on Goodreads, but I was immediately enchanted by the main plot: a young couple with a baby getting married in the late 60s, a fascinating era when that was not yet an especially shocking choice, but more likely to fall apart in the way of a young marriage today, rather than the expecation that you are Full Adults Starting Life Together Now. Also on its way from ILL.

5. After the Fall - Kate Hart
Listen. I hate love triangles. But I am always trying to find myself concrete examples in TV shows where I actually have trouble picking which of two options I ship with a third character more, and I have lit upon an archetype that might work, at least until the book characters take over: Deeks/Nell/Eric. Eric ABSOLUTELY fits the "best friend who adores you and is cute and supportive and would be a great boyfriend, technically, but whom you would not consider a serious option if you could hook up with the hot one" description. So that is how I am going to try and play this one while I soak up the whole "girl sleeps over in best guy friend's bed, platonically, while he pines about it" angle that attracted me to it in the first place..

6. Baby-sitting is a Dangerous Job - Willo Davis Roberts
This book was MY JAM in elementary school, but for some reason I got rid of my copy, and I want to relive the magic before I review it properly. This is the last one on its way from ILL. (there would have been 4, but as soon as I requested the 4th, MN Link was like "haha lol j/k that book is not available actually" and then deleted the record to prove it)

7. The Broken Girls - Simone St. James
I am actually on the request list for this brand new release -- landed in the 4th round of checkouts -- which I've been tracking since a Goodreads ad brought it to my attention and it hooked me for the same reasons I have the Kate Morton books up there -- historic/abandoned property + an old (murder) mystery(es) to solve?? EVERYTHING I LOVE.

8. Thunder and Rain - Charles Martin
I need to figure out who to cast, because "single cowboy father" in more capable hands than you usually see from the romance novelists who use it + "rescuing single mom and her daughter" sounds kinda right up my alley? And then I'm taking a break from Charles Martin because my reading batteries need to recharge from his Intensely Detailed style. TBH, I'm not even entirely sure I will get through this one, but I couldn't come up with a full ten books I was anticipating otherwise. [edit: it is now 72 hours after I drafted this post and I have six potential new titles. but i can't pick the best of the 6, so this commentary stays]

9. 9 Days and 9 Nights - Katie Cotugno
♬ After all the things you put me through / Tell me why i'm [willing to take another chance on] you

Or, why in GOD'S NAME would I sign on for more suffering with these trashy cheaters after how they tore up my heart with frustration in 99 Days? After having sworn off all Katie Cotugno forever following just the one experience, because evidence suggests she is the Sarah Dessen of cheating books?

Because the cover/endpage art is still gorgeous. Because I know the writing will be gorgeous. Because I like these characters in spite of their incessant dumbassery. And I feel I have no choice but to see it through. (even though this is VERY SPECIFICALLY not the companion book I requested, Katie. Like I specified "companion novel" and not "sequel" for a reason)

This one is not actually being published until May, though, so it'll be a bit of a wait. I can't believe I'm excited for two not-yet-published books at once; who am i!

10. Be Good Be Real Be Crazy - Chelsey Philpot
This pinged on my "road trip" keyword search in the library catalog for the forgotten title of book number 2. Looks fun! Plus I had wanted to read her other book, before it was spoiled for me.
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