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Fancy New Grocery Store Products I'm Obsessed With That You Should Be Too

(And I'm not even being compensated for my endorsement! Which is a shame, really. Wanna send me coupons as a token of gratitude, companies?)

1) Chopped salad kits. They seem a bit expensive for the size compared to just buying lettuce...but on the other hand, compared to the cost of buying a prepackaged salad, it is SUPER reasonable, and all you have to provide is the bowl. It's also more satisfying than you expect, given the size of a lettuce serving, and the fact that there are 3-4 servings in there. If you use it to augment your regular lettuce, it's an even better value. Either way, it's great to have stuff like kale, romaine and cabbage chopped into bite-sized pieces, along with a separate package of optional toppings like unsalted sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, etc. At Aldi they're $2.99, which is kiiinda high, but at Cub this week, the Dole version was $2. Which was definitely A Deal. I haven't actually opened most of the dressing packets they come with, because they're mostly high fat (eg must be used sparingly) and hard to store once opened. But I did try the Poppyseed w/ Greek Yogurt Vinaigrette, and uh...where can I buy a full bottle like yesterday.

2) THE NEW FRUITY DIET COKE FLAVORS OMG. I have been waiting a decade for new infusion flavor to return. I don't even care if they're not the same ones. THEY'RE GREAT. I passed on cherry and "blood orange," because those flavors already exist in soda and they're Bad, but the ginger-lime is pleasantly like somewhere between Sprite and Ginger Ale, and TWISTED MANGO?? THE AMBROSIA OF SODA. It almost knocks vanilla coke off the throne. Its only shortcoming is that it doesn't pair with everything in the way that diet coke generally does. It would be simply awful with anything resembling chocolate, and I don't think it would be great with chips either. But with a salad like the above, or most sandwiches, or by itself? Yup.

I have not tried them before now because at $4 for 8 12-ounce cans -- or individual cans for $1.20 do you really think u are fooling anyone with the skinny shape into thinking there is more; do you really think u can get away with selling individual cans of pop for a hundred and twenty cents when they cost 47 at most in a package?? -- they are wildly unreasonable in price. But again, at Cub this week, they had individual cans for 79 cents (sliiightly better for a tasting sample) and packages for $3. Which I figure it at least cheaper than vanilla coke, as a special treat. The mango went flying off the shelves, though. When I swung by today there was only one left.

In other news, Man With A Plan has finally landed a firm and permanent place of affection in my heart.
I know this because I came home tonight musing, "I have no work left for tomorrow morning. What missed primetime TV should I watch?" and I ended up watching 3 episodes in a row, even though heretoforenow, I have only watched it live on TV if I happen to be home with no better plans, paired with Kevin Can Wait. (The latter of which, it should be noted, I just made a Sideshow Bob shuddering noise about at the mere idea of going out of my way to see it.) I just really like Matt LeBlanc as a goofy but loving family man! And also his wife, who in a refreshing change of pace is gorgeous as heck but bigger than him, with very flattering and inspiring wardrobe choices. I never think I am interested in body-shape representation, but I have to admit, the concept of not having to settle for a "Mike and Molly" relationship while plus size is highly appealing.
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