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So I made the mistake of rewatching the "Hellbent" trailer, and a) this post; b) now I have to make an LJ post detailing all of the 15+ things I am excited about in this trailer, even though it's basically "every second of all three minutes except for the parts where the gross corrupt police officer(s)'s on screen and my main characters are not."

  • He's got short hair, but it could be worse, and at least he's got a beard; that is sufficient to work for me. It fits this kind of roughshod outlaw character better than the dreamy swoop anyway

  • The casually dismissive "I'm not going your way" at first sight

  • The OMGWTFPOLARBEAR at finding her in the truck, followed by ANGRY CONFRONTATIONAL YELLING

  • The quick about-face after coming out and seeing her without her shirt (hee!)

  • That scene I am trying really hard to measure my expectations about but which sure looks like it could be a There Is Only One Bed trope (played innocently)

  • Someone is running a knife through a lighter flame -- there are usually not very many reasons for that beyond "someone's gotta do some field medicine wound cauterizing"

  • The fact that their bond seemingly ends up tight enough that she's willing to pull a gun on law enforcement

  • "Ain't but one reason for killing a man -- one" partly because of his face but also because it's stupid dark so I can't tell the exact blocking but WHAT KIND OF POSITIONING AM I LOOKING AT HERE

  • "I WILL END YOU" because I need to know how we get from "almost cleaving her skull in" to "reluctant road trip partner"

  • How the trailer abruptly shifts from HELLA DRAMATIC (and which I'm pretty sure, based on another article I read about filming, is the last scene or final climax) to relaxed and kicky retro music

  • Whatever her sitting up with that expression is -- was she crying? she seems upset in an angry/outraged way

  • This old barn or whatever they appear to end up staying or at least crashing overnight in? Good™.

  • Her delight at the two apparent old friends wrestle-hugging each other like a pair of overjoyed, overgrown pupper dogs.


  • "You ain't nothin' but a little girl" which I'm going to hope and assume is the nail in the potentially-creepy coffin because it would really underscore the enjoyment of their natural chemistry and back and forth sass

Lastly: I am literally at the point of scrutinizing their outfits and trying to outline the chronlogy of this movie based on that. I think I've got a pretty good guess as to how it shakes out, honestly, but we'll have to see when (and if) the finished product ever gets here. Can it be less than five years? I cling in eternal hope to the story about how "Margaret" eventually got off the shelf, despite infinity setbacks, 6 years post-filming. If that made it, anything is possible...right? Finished movies don't just disappear into warehouses or down computer drives and die they??? (DON'T TELL ME 'CAUSE IT HURTS)

P.S. I'm officially adding "bankroll the crap out of passion projects in cinema" to my list of "things I would do with All The Money in the World"

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