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Hey remember 3 weeks ago when I couldn't remember who anyone was? Those were good times.

Instead, now I am entirely invested in everything, and also this episode was definitely best-of-season so far.

* Bradley vs. Michael is like I'm watching a YA novel at a prep school where the Jackass Rich Kid Who Inexplicably Rules the School targets the Perfectly Nice Scholarship Kid. ...and now I have to go find a YA novel to cast that. But even if I can't, at least I have a new standard Nice Guy (who doubles as a Nice Athlete Guy, a character archetype which is just suuuuper hard for me to wrap my head around as being cute in the abstract) for all my contemporary YA novels. I love how I say "all" like I have literally any checked out right now, as opposed to being up to my ears in romances and adult thrillers.

* Mom and I Groaned Loudly and made "ugh" noises all the way through Donothan's sniveling (accompanied by Sad Piano Chords, which was just so over the top I could not be sure the show wasn't mocking him?)...but when Michael got all teary and emotional about proving himself, it was all "yes good very good more plz." Or --
Me: See, he's allowed to cry.
Mom: Yeah, but it's not all cringe-worthy, he's more together about it.
Me: That's why he's allowed.
(a.k.a. he's very pretty, in the way where tears are basically a tripwire designed to set off every female in a 50-mile radius to flock toward the source with comfort at the ready)

* THE CHALLENGES WERE SO GREAT?? The reward challenge was amazing because Chris, All-Star Pitcher, hitting everything he aimed at like the sandbags were heat-seeking missiles locked on a target, was just amazing to watch. And for immunity, everyone just looked HILARIOUS going "nyoooom!" through the water on their surfboards, being reeled in at warp speed.

* I cringed a lot at women having no recourse but to flirt with frankly gross men to avoid termination. (I have decided how I feel about Sea Bass, and it is Not Good, though I was surprised to see he does have a lion's mane of hair when let down that would probably look nice when not dirty). I got a real eye-opening look at what life must be like for women in a part of the world I am not familiar with, and it looks awful, even without harassment. You can keep it.

[edit: I know for a fact I was referring to Jenna here, and I just cannot believe that turned out to be REAL flirting and they are now dating / actually some kind of power couple in real life. What even the hell.]

* That said, Stephanie was 100% the choice I'd have made between the two. What is with having women for whom divorce was this great an option for them. Why would I want to know more about people with such poor partner-picking skills. (Also, I still don't know her name, but the blonde girl endeared herself to me in the weirdest possible way: by having hair that looks appropriately greasy without shampoo, instead of still managing to loook gorgeous, and normally that would be the opposite of what I like to see, but I'm having one of my weird "representation to see I'm not alone is strangely nice?" weeks)

[edit: I am referring to Jenna here as well.]
In episode 6, absolutely nothing of note happened (I hate blindfolded challenges!!) except a tribe shakeup from 2 to 3 groups. I didn't even remember who got voted out. Internet says it was Asian James, someone who made zero impression on me, so I was much happier to see him gone than my beloved Michael or Still Awesome Chick Desiree.

Also, I realized that the whole Bradley vs. Michael rich/scholarship kid rivalry I'm thinking of? Chuck and Dan from Gossip Girl, except competing over money/prestige in the form of a check rather than a girl. Like exactly.

Tags: survivor, tv commentary
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