RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Hi, my name is RS and my hobbies include accidentally staying up all night watching videos of heartwarming animal-adoption stories on The Dodo's YouTube channel (highly recommended!!) and elevating Tim Daly to the current King of Handsome Men's Club Mountain position (gotta say I did not see that one coming, but Madam Secretary pulled a 2-part sneak attack and it was inevitable I'd get around to Private Practice on my Rediscovering Shondaland tour sooner or later).

The latter culminated in the discovery of both The Daly Show -- a shot of wonder and joy so endearing that I could only make it through one episode before I risked perishing of adorable -- and 2002 film The Outsider, a belated pot of gold laden with EVERYTHING MY HEART DESIRES re: hurt/comfort shipping. This is one of those movies that just makes me useless for 2 days straight because I can't stop going back through it, examining it from different angles, in this one's case sniffing around the original book to see if it might be worth checking out in a 2-for-1 squee special, etc.

I don't even want to think about how behind I am in my "theoretically planned and/or half-started posts" file at this point. At least right now, it's partly because I am busy with the seasonal night job.

It's still really great as far as the actual work, plus my seatmate remains the nicest woman who keeps giving me books to read and talk about in our 5 minutes between getting there and being called to attention and/or at the end of the night, and I'm getting paid more per week than I get at my regular job. Its only flaw is that we still have snow, and in fact just got whacked with another round on the night of the third, where it took me 45 minutes to get home between clearing off my car and going 30-32mph the whole way, clinging to the wheel with a death grip as wheels skipped and protested at every stop and acceleration from a stop, cursing up a storm and literally swearing I WILL NOT DO THIS ANY MORE THIS YEAR,.

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