RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I can literally measure my entire year so far in fandom and actor revivals

Hi, my name is still RS but today's hobbies include being too terrified of work to even start it despite trying to do so roughly 18 hours ago, and instead spending 18 straight hours on:

-discovering a show I have only the vaguest memories of maybe hearing about when it premiered in fall 2006 and promptly bombed (The Nine)

-running down a basically endless buffet of Elizabeth/Henry fanvids (all the Madam Secretary DVDs are at the library 1.4 miles away, but could I muster the energy to shower and get them by 5? nope)

-going through my entire Private Practice history with a Pete-centric focus before settling on the purchase of "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?", which I subsequently spent another hour or so marveling at as a masterpiece of viscerally horrifying yet so so important television

April 9 Update: I cannot believe I lost the majority of my weekend being anxiety-induced afraid of potentially difficult work that I ended up being able to knock out in TWO (admittedly very motivated due to fear of reprimand) HOURS FLAT. Because of my random and totally unwarranted fear of starting, I missed not only an estate sale (that I had TWO CHANCES at) but ALSO hanging out w/ boyfriend this weekened before snow hits AND ALSO 50% off day at Savers.

What a dumbass.

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