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Hi, my name is RS, and this week's hobbies so far include digging through my newly borrowed collection of Madam Secretary DVDs for ithis show's nine hundred bazillion domestic scenes both romantic and familial, only to get hung up on a Pete/Violet video I have recced before (which, hurray, still there!!) and crying a lot.

But instead of any of that, we're gonna talk about how in my work-anxiety spiral on Saturday night, I ended up buying "Did you Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?" on Amazon because i couldn't find the parts I wanted anywhere else and also NINETY-NINE CENT EPISODES IN HD???

Tumblr  version: It is every inch as powerful as it was when it aired. Just – god. I am not sure I have ever been more gut-wrenched by anything on television.

Even as an avowed Charlotte hater who cussed her out in every episode prior to this [and would do so again, no regrets, just hate!], she is nothing but sympathetic here, and that is because Kadee Strickland just did PHENOMENAL work. The writing and directing gave it amazing bones, but her acting took it to a new plane. I’m literally still sitting here with my mouth hanging open in awe. I don’t even know what else to say about it.

Except that I’m almost as awed by all the other interpersonal dynamics they touch on – the boyfriend so deeply entrenched in his own Failure to Protect shortcomings that she has to tell him it’s okay**, women needing and supporting other women, the friend who sympathizes but can only support from afar to maintain her own self care vs. the friend who wants to be supportive but just doesn’t get it (*coughSam*) – and the clinical details of the post-assault exam crossed with the lesser seen reaction of vehement denial, and later the privately shared, gritty details of what it’s really like…

All of the awards.

** I have thought about this moment a lot since getting into a relationship, because in this moment they remind me a lot of us, our dynamic. There have been no major traumas or crises, but just based on how he reacts to theoretical happenings or stressful situations, he is the person who would beat himself up for not being better, not preventing it somehow, while I am the port in the storm. It just seems so weirdly...what's the word that's the opposite of remniscient, where it seems familiar, but the thing hasn't happened yet.

+ I will never get over how it's Pete who first finds her, Pete who starts to take care of her, and Pete who is the only one besides Addison to have an inkling something worse than robbery might have happened,* long before anyone else suspects. His characterization has been all over the damn map, but in the middle of the series he is a rock, and a vault, and there is literally no one, including the plethora of other women and her damn almost-husband, who is calmer or more compassionate.

[I find it hard to look at her bloodied face in full color, so fair spoiler cut warning, but everything else in this sequence is just so Good](x)
It's okay. Shh-shh-shh. I've got you.

* I don't think I touched on that before, but this time around I really took note of a) his protest when Addison throws him out of the room before he's done, only to immediately realize the significance of her Look, and b) how he stumbles over his words with Addison later, awkwardly landing on it's good that she was there because of how "women who've been...attacked...are usually more comfortable with another woman." Nobody confirms or denies anything and that kind of confirms it all, before firmer confirmation is handed down an episode or two later.

+ Also hey you know what Past Me failed to record and ultimately entirely forgot? THIS FOLLOW-UP an episode or two later, with commentary taken from a part of season 6 we don't talk about.

“After I was raped, he was always there for me. Here at the hospital. Pete was like my work husband, you know? If he was getting a cup of coffee for himself he’d get one for me, he’d wait the extra ten minutes it took me to sign off the ER boards so...

After I was raped, he was always there for me. Here at the hospital. Pete was like my work husband, you know? If he was getting a cup of  coffee for himself he’d get one for me, he’d wait the extra ten minutes it took  me to sign off the ER boards so we could eat lunch together. He looked out for me.

+ Expanding on the "women needing and supporting women" line up there: I really love that in the middle of this storyline, women take over caregiving, from Addison on a practical exam level to Amelia's AA solidarity. They'll turn her over to Cooper eventually, in a mushy makes-the-romantics-including-even-anti-shipper-RS happy way, but only after the women have swooped in to do the lion's share of the initial healing. Cooper being actively useless for a while feels very symbolic and Right.

I still don't know where this episode would land on a ranked list, simply because of the excruciating, I-will-never-watch-it-again time at the police station, but it is definitely on my list of favorites for all the other parts.

P.S. I can't seem to stop rereadiing my season 4 Private Practice reviews. Definitely want this on DVD. I am SUPER glad I bought season 2 at that garage sale last summer -- I actively debated at the time whether it was really worth buying given my low, low levels of interest in ever seeing it again, but thankfully I listened to my instincts to "buy literally everything you have ever enjoyed if you see it cheap in case you want it again" because that's where Pete/Violet starts; I haven't opened it but just knowing it's close at hand makes me happy -- but season 4 is the uncontested champion of my heart where this series is concerned. I'll prove it on the ranking-the-seasons meme once I am back on the other computer.

P.P.S. Awwww crap I tried to clarify ONE thing and I went too far and I walked into Pete/Addison and now I am in shipsand. It's like quicksand. But where you get sunk into the ship you don't want to be in. (WHY R THEY SO GOOD HOW AM I STILL ABLE TO SIMUL-SHIP WITH SUCH FEROCITY AND NO BUILD-UP) Am I gonna have to do a shipper's manifesto next?
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