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This week on Survivor: Chris Noble found dead in Fiji. (not literally. In a "the cheesy pita's toasted / oh boom roasted" way, courtesy of Wendell's voting confessional that was so glorious the producers could not bring themselves to cut any part of it out of the episode. The highlight of which is, "Stop rapping. You're trash." And then because he is really very sweet, he stops to clarify: "...at rapping. You're garbage at rapping.")

And now I can't remember anything else that happened except that a) there was a merge and b) there as a boring endurance immunity challenge that I knew Kellyn was going to win and somehow her dramatic exhausted weeping about it annoyed me all the more as a result, and c) this entire episode was coming down to a war between Dom and Chris, they both knew it, and still Chris did not use the idol that he only could have used at this or the next Tribal anyway.

That wasn't very ~swah-vay~ of you, was it now?

P.S. I desperately want an homage to the "Swarley" episode of How I Met Your Mother with Chris's face pasted over Barney's and his mispronounciation of "suave" used in every way that "Swarley" was mangled. Or at least one macro image? COME ON. I cannot be the only one who immediately thought "No more ~Swarlé~," can I?

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