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I no longer feel like death??

I mean I slept for 13 hours last night and I would have kept right on going because noon still seemed ungodly early for my Exhaustion, but I had to work so I got up and I still feel okay-ish, after spending the past week in full misery. I ate about 75% of a normal amount of food today, actually more than my stomach particularly liked, but it was semi-from-scratch chicken noodle soup (a soup mix base with fresh chicken, carrots & celery + extra water added) and very hard to resist. I am not as sneezy or runny-nosed -- still some congestion and coughing + now my body is Yellin' because it feels too hot to have full sun with a high in the 50s out of nowhere, but I'm not quite so full of pain and misery as I was.
In fact, I feel good enough that I have to comment with some upfronts news! I have/had a lot of babies in the danger zone again on CBS this year, apparently; it's almost 2010 up in this joint again, but outcomes have been cautiously better so far this year. I have SO many TV thoughts I am so behind on, but the quick version as it pertains specifically to upfront hopes and dreams is:

Mom, NCIS, Seal Team (if I ever go back; I still might!) and S.W.A.T. have been safe a long time, while as of today, important titles added to that list include Hawaii Five-0, NCIS: LA, and BEST OF ALL, Madam Secretary.

(yes. best of all. My need for McCord Moments is at an ALL TIME HIGH and four seasons would not have been sufficient. Like I was fully prepared to knife NCIS: LA -- Densi!! And the greatest behind-the-scenes crew family -- in the back if it meant saving MS. Again, this is the kind of thing that needs more context, but suffice to say S.9 has been real Trying on the Mosely front and real Underwhelming on the shipper front. I should not be able to count the number of squee-worthy Densi scenes in a year, and I should be able to count at least one (1) Neric one.)

Still twitching on tenterhooks, unfortunately, are Criminal Minds -- not unusual, and I will be ultra upset if they call time of death because it is currently the 2nd most entertaining hour of television as a whole to me, but I'm clinging to the hope that if they do, they at least have the common courtesy to give it a 2-hour slot for closure like CSI since it's nearly as old and venerable -- and Scorpion, which would also suck, but not particularly hard since s.4 just ended on a real ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ note* after a relatively stable ship-friendly year, and nothing desperately needs closure.

[*Future Me: I am gonna KICK. YOUR. ASS.]

Also, technically, NCIS: NOLA is also twisting, but that has just been a disaster bomb of revolving door casting for so long I don't know how it's still standing. Also technically Man With a Plan and Superior Donuts, but I will feel only one to two percent sadness if I lose either of them, and also only five to twenty percent specific happiness if they are renewed, so. Anyway, pretty sure they are gonna roast up Me Myself & I, 9JKL, Living Biblically and probably also Kevin Can Wait, so unless they wanna burn ALL the non-BBT-related comedies under age 5 to the ground...
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