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Ship Radar Warning Sirens

As an aside, because I've been failing at documenting a lot of important fandom stuff on LJ, I feel like I need to go on record that as of Tuesday and my watching the Scorpion S4 finale and having A Lot of Feelings about the ending scene (pre-epilogue/S.5 teaser scene), I appear to have started tipping all the way into simultaneously being a Walter O'Brien fan and a Waige shipper. How did I get here from 3 Years Ago "I am only watching this show tonight in hopes of seeing him die" Me? What the hell does this show put in its ship-a-hol to make it so instantly addictive under the right circumstances?

I wish I knew. But on the bright, GUESS WHOSE BOYFRIEND GOT HER SEASON ONE OF SCORPION FOR HER BIRTHDAY. Which at the time was just something he'd pulled off my Amazon wishlist in case I couldn't find a book at the antiquarian bookstore, and I kinda threw it on my DVD pile like "hmmm thanks babe; my Quintis feels haven't been intense since last fall and S1 is more of a set-completing piece than a vital resource for them anyway, but I'll definitely find it useful later," but now? OH HEY GUESS WHO CAN GO EXACTLY WHERE SHE WANTS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE WAIGE TOUR, EXACTLY AT THE MOMENT OF HER WHIM, NO LIBRARY STOP OR STREAMING NEEDED.

(and where I want is right back where we started from: in the car dangling off a cliff. Funny how that works.)
Tags: scorpion, shipping

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