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Survivor, Week 8

Maybe next week I will not be spoiled on who gets voted out between the time it airs and the time I have a chance to watch it. Regardless, at least the knowing in no way spoiled how fun it was to see the rationale for how it came to be that way this week, because everything was so great.

* The reward challenge: SLINGSHOTS & SANDBAGS, HECK YEAH. So fun to watch Wendell just effortlessly run out and nail his shots every time. ESPECIALLY when he took the time to breeze "Hey Dom, how ya doin?" like they were neighbors working in the garden and chatting over a fence while got 'er done. Plus Laurel as his wing-woman picking up the slack when he had to hand off between takedowns, that was great too. I almost forgot to be distracted by Michael's near-comparable prowess.

* Speaking of Michael, as I continued my now-standard how are you 18 gaping, it occurred to me that this exactly how authors named Tracey Garvis-Graves are able to write books like On The Island, and while I feel like the shared island setting/castaway theme is a crucial similarity to note for my records, I also feel the need to apologize and publicly state that I would try very hard not to actually mentally cast him in his book should I read it again.

* Although the internet has just informed me he is also literally a model and now all bets are off. (Did this same internet also tell me he graduated from Knoxville's Bearden High School in 2016? Yes. Without my asking for it, for the record. All I asked it for was if it knew whether I should be congratulating both of his parents or just his mom on the difficult achievement of raising a son to Quality Personhood right out the adult gate. But now I know which random-ass out of state yearbooks to put on my eBay wishlist for the next 40 years.)

* The immunity challenge of gross food was gross, but not the worst one ever. Except for the live grubs, I think I might have been able to choke down the rest, even the fish eyes -- they looked small enough to potentially just swallow whole. (speaking of, I loved Wendell being the most squeamish of it all, queasily looking like he might somehow give it a go, only for those things to not even get anywhere near his mouth because as soon as he picked one up it was all "NOPE NOPE NOPE fuck this I'm out" as he flung it away.)

* Mad respect for Angela just Military Veteran of Steel-ing her way through every gross item like the fate of the free world depended on her military precision in finishing fast, with no room for emotions or even a partial falter. She totally earned that win. But tons of respect to Michael, too, for being one of the closest seconds I've ever seen, gamely conquering everything, even after he'd lost, just to prove to himself he could. Despite looking very green around the gills the whole time.

* That said, despite her momentary impressiveness, Ange also chose my guy as her name to take in order to make her own, and that move dropped her straight to 2nd-to-last in my estimations. Now granted, she was already in third to last so that may not sound like much, but I have also busted her down her into the "Get Out" category, which she can still get herself out of, but one more wrong move and I will demote her below Donathan, who at least has laid low and stayed out of my way.

* THANK HEAVENS FOR INTELLIGENT YOUNG MEN PLAYING IDOLS CORRECTLY, AM I RIGHT?? I had no idea that was gonna be in play until it became obvious that was the only way to explain the evictee being Libby. But using "the f**** STICK" as that masterfully played idol just made it so much better. (ALSO, he didn't even throw Libby under the bus while doing it, did he? He stuck to his Wendell-targeting guns even though no one else played along. And I think that was sweet because even though Wendell is definitely awesome, he is also definitely a threat and I don't think Wendell, who has not attempted to work with Michael, can begrudge him that.)

* Also I really enjoyed how calm and humble he was about using it. He didn't gloat or showboat about it beforehand, and as far as I can tell he barely even reacted to the fact that he played it right, more like just a "yep. all right then. I did indeed prevent myself from going home." So good. Very class.

* I am still sad about Libby, even though she was definitely third of the 3 options on the table tonight, because as of this week and her sad little "I don't understand why people keep randomly writing down my name out of apparent spite??" faces, plus the fact that she's gradually morphed from "cute" to "island beauty" in a way that, thanks to her outfits, reminds me very much of Gabrielle trekking alongside Xena, she was actually probably in my top 2 or 3 favorite women with Chelsea and Desiree. But I do look forward to seeing her chill at Ponderosa! It's probably more fun to watch her there, honestly.

* If we could maybe start to target boring people next week? My stressed heart would appreciate the break.
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