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*pleased tiger chuffing*

The bad: I did not get to go to one of my fave annual church sales this year because day work was being exhausting.

The good: I got a couple extra hours this week at the job that pays me well, and then since I was already in town I spent the next 4.5 hours doing all many of my favorite things there, both walking and shopping, and I found two very exciting DVDs: Bones, season 10, still shrink-wrapped, on the library sale cart for $2, and at Big Lots...the relevant part of Power Rangers Turbo (i.e. "Volume One," with its 19 good episodes and just 4 irrelevant trash bag ones), for $5.40 (incl. tax).

I am really stupidly happy to stumble upon such a random yet important to me find. It's old enough while also in demand enough that I don't think you'd come by it much cheaper outside a super lucky garage sale strike. (edit: hah! see, right there, ebay currently has them all priced at $13 and up)

I also have a crap-ton of checked-out books from this county's library now, which I really don't need considering I am still neck-deep in all seasons of Madam Secretary and Scorpion and I am in the middle of 3 other books at once that I am enjoying so much in different ways that I have been content only reading about 20 pages a day for the past two weeks...AND YET, I haven't been to this library in months and there was just so much shiny stock everywhere that differs from my home county that I couldn't help myself from grabbing spoils everywhere, even if I have no time for them. Lets talk them out!

1. Act of Revenge - Dale Brown and Jim DeFelice.
Me: I am not gonna do the thing I always do where I insist on finding a book that reminds me of favorite TV characters to cast the latter in. I am gonna let Scorpion fanfic be enough.

The library catalog: Hey RS look what I found based off the single keyword "genius" + genre:fiction look looook! For robotics innovator Louis Massina, aka the Puppet Master, this is far more personal than a savage act of political terrorism. Boston is his city—and one of his employees, Chelsea Goodman, is among the hostages facing certain death. As Chelsea fights from the inside, Massina leads his team of tech geniuses at Smart Metal to deploy every bot, drone, and cyber weapon at their disposal to defeat the fanatics and save his city and friend.

Me: GDI. (yes, I'm aware this is a sequel, but why would I start with 600 pages of a first book that may turn out to be too dry for me when I could shoot straight to the obvious "female love interest in danger" option) [update: OK I cheated enough to confirm my assumptions about her being a love interest for him are wrong, but I am actually more than content with that because if I can get love interest and friendship worry out of it that is a bonus.]

2. Unchartered - Tracey Garvis-Graves
I meant to pick up On The Island, but it wasn't on the shelf where it said would be; HOWEVER -- the slim companion novella that I never dreamed would even be published in hard copy vs. an ebook, much less thought the library would buy, was!

3. Losing Gemma - Katy Gardner
And while getting the above, I saw this, which looks like quite a thriller mixed with tragedy/grieving a friend.

4. The Dog Year - Ann Wertz Garvin
And also this, because I am 100% sure I can do something with a story featuring a doctor who lost her husband & unborn baby in an accident "avoiding her loneliness by befriending a troubled girl, getting involved with a rugged cop from her past, and adopting a stray dog."

5. The Story of You - Beth Kephart
Been meaning to check this one out for a while; not sure I am in the mood to read it right now but figured, what the hell, while I'm here...

6. Adrift - Paul Griffin
I've been really digging survival stories this year for some reason, many of which have been survival at sea, even though I normally prefer wilderness survival by a wide margin.

7. A Little in Love - Susan Fletcher
I am not totally sure I'm in the mood for this right now either, but also...HOW HAS IT TAKEN THIS LONG FOR SOMEONE TO WRITE EPONINE'S LIFE STORY AS A YA NOVEL.

Tags: bones, books, power rangers, thrifty shopping

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