RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Survivor, Week 9

Oh, wow. I don't think I have ever seen someone blow up their own game so quickly or spectacularly as Des did tonight by making a poor and failed attempt to take control of the game by stabbing her allies in the back, and then hysterically sticking to a lie that she never did any such thing, with no witnesses on her behalf and four against. It got so embarrassing to watch -- despite her initial reaction being totally believable -- that she even dropped herself in my estimation from "one of my faves" to "wigged-out desperate weirdo" I had exactly no problem with seeing eliminated. Which is good, I guess?

A fun real time quote from me while Jeff was reading out the votes: "Did -- did they unanimously vote for her?! Oh my god, I have never seen anyone blow up their own game so completely. This is great. [cue laughing -- until Jeff switches gears and says "Michael," at which point the smile drops flat off my face] OH NO THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF THAT. noooooo [Jeff: *switches back to Des's name after 2 Michael votes*] oh thank god, she's out. YEY"

Reward challenge: Wendell looked amazing leaping on and off the boat to and from the platforms like some sort of nimble ocean deer; the concept of Survivor contestants locked in cages needing to be rescued made me laugh way harder than it should have; the fact that Donathan was not picked for the schoolyard pick on the reward challenge made me laugh; Michael's team won that reward and it was GREAT, and also the reward consisted of a helicopter ride to a nice location with a picnic lunch featuring the most delicious picnic imaginable -- amazing sandwiches on thick bread and/or buns with all the fixings, brownies, and what appeared to be brightly colored juice or perhaps fruit-flavored sodas in glass bottles -- which I am 100% gonna recreate tomorrow; in fact I am writing up a shopping list for the grocery store as we speak.

Immunity challenge: I would have been really upset if Chelsea had not won it after all her laser-like focus, so that was wonderful to see. She just looked so shocked and overjoyed when she heard her name called victorious that it was worth biting my nails to the quick over worry that Michael did not have any protection from the vote.

Now I gotta hurry up and see if I can finally watch the Ponderosa vids before another episode airs and I have to play "The Survivor YouTube channel is lava" again. [update: I got halfway through the first one before I got distracted by Scorpion clips again. Sigh.]
Tags: survivor, tv commentary

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