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In which I watch up through episode 8x20 of Hawaii Five-0, and end up crying my eyes out.

Episode 19: Damn, Daniel! This is a lot to throw at me, from "Clavo Cruz will always Clavo Cruz" to "here's Adam's half sister, and she's an evil seed!" to "Jessi's gon' double cross you...ah hell now she's dead." (fact: his reaction to her body is the first point at which I started crying tonight. second fact: where it picked up in the morgue in the next episode? that is where it got real useful to me as visual footage for an "AU where it's Kono")

Meanwhile I had absolutely no patience for McGarrett's storyline and just skipped the whole Boring Sad Dementia Hitman + Steve's Daddy Issues flashbacks. When will his hair return from the war, is the only thing he needs to talk about.

Episode 20: First I curse because the racing Adam plot + promised Junior (with bonus Eddie the Dog) focus would not allow me to skip this episode, which I was promised/warned would have Steve/Catherine Talking About The Proposal, something that I made an executive decision to declare MY HEART WAS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO BEAR.

And thus did I valiantly skip all their scenes, even though they made up the bulk of the episode and it looked like there might be some injury/near-death experiences afoot, because I really do not have room in my heart for anything hurtful, ship-wise. TV looks like it is starting to come for my happiness again after 20 months of uninterrupted shippy bliss and I do not consent to any unnecessary pain.

So, funny story about that!

Listen. Show. I came to you tonight expecting merely a solid whump outing -- "about time you injured one of the newbies!", I declared cheerfully when he tumbled down the ravine -- but instead Junior ripped open my whole entire heart with his dead-sister backstory and daddy issues and attempted recordings of "this is what I need to say to you" messages, until it was full blown tears streaming / down your fa-ace up in this room. I still think it is rude that the show took me from "awww" (him smiling at photos of him & Tani) to "OH GOD NO WHAT IS THIS RANDOM TRAGEDY TAKE IT AWAY" in two seconds flat.

But I can't complain too much, because honestly, that was some darn good acting. My "NO PAIN" stance has a grandfathered exception for reopened scar tissue/long-buried grief that comes Amazing Faces of Pain and Feelings. Also it was super adorable that you gave his rescue such a quick and lighthearted ending, even if you besmirched Eddie's good heroic name and made him look dumb as a box of rocks in the process. I still love you, Eddie! You are a Very Good Boy who deserves all the Snickerpoodles and other dog bakery treats.

(there is more I should say about how much I liked Junior & Tani's banter + serious talking at the beginning, or literally every second that beautiful dog was on screen, but I am tired)

As for the last storyline: much more minor than I thought after that cliffhanger, but in those three minutes it got focus it took me from "oh thank god I can finally stop having heart attacks about Adam's life and well-being; GO HOME AND HUG YOUR WIFE" to "addendum: plz do not get arrested for first degree murder kthnxbai."
Tags: h50, tv commentary

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