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no way to make the pain play fair

I have had a LOT of roller-coaster-y emotions in the past 48 hours, and I don't know which one to let out first so I am staying off Tumblr, but right now I am just sick and angry and stunned (even though I knew full well this would happen) and lost and sad about Scorpion.

In January, I really could not have predicted that in four months' time, The Brave's loss would already be behind me by the time it was announced and this would be the thing to wreak grief havoc, but here we are: leaving me in the worst Upfronts mood since 2011 when I lost Off the Map and also my Reconstruction pilot dreams (and Life Unexpected, but that was secondary loss much like The Brave is now).

That finale is just such an awful way for it to end, especially on a show that has no incentives whatsoever for anyone to bring it back. You know they would have fixed it all in S5, maybe even before Christmas, but at the same time...even with all the best fic in the world, you can't know. You can't know a happy ending is any more likely than this line that has haunted me since I read it:

What if Walter died because he was trying to be the hero, as he always did, but this time it was too much to ask of someone who was short four members of what had been a finely tuned problem-solving machine? (x)

So. I'm tired, and sad. I still have like 8 varities of squee posts drafted about the Shiny (Re)New(ed) Obsession tour I've been doing behind the scenes for nearly the past month, waiting for the time to finish them, but now it's all tainted and I don't know what to do.

P.S. I wonder how Robert Patrick feels about the fact that he couldn't do X-Files because of scheduling conflicts with this series, and now he has neither.
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