RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Watching the ending of "Prey"...

The last time I saw it, I wasn't yet CSIM obsessed.  Watching it again now...I really like that slow-mo montage as he watches his team walk down the hall.  Alexx and Ryan, Eric and Valera, then Calleigh coming down the hall, in her most beautiful green shirt...and then Natalia swings around the corner to walk with her.  The fuck?!  Natalia's not part of the CSI family!  Hiss!  Spit!  That would have been SO much powerful if he'd saved the last, lingering look for Calleigh alone, wouldn't it?  Especially in the wake of Yelina's departure? Yeah, I know.  That would have given the H/C shippers too much to speculate about. 
Tags: csi: miami

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