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I DID A THING TODAY, I broke away from work and my figurative/literal prison that is the room where I do the work and did an actual fun thing in real life, which was convince my boyfriend to take me to an enormous used book sale (150,000 items, the ad says: the only bigger one I know is the Half Price Books Clearance Event, and the content here is frankly better) some 20 miles away.

Except it took me too long to break away from work, plus I read the hours wrong, so I ended up having barely 75 minutes at a place where I prefer to spend 2 hours minimum, 2.5 to 3 ideally. It goes on for several more days, but on account of not being willing to drive the the freeway tangle through the Twin Cities + going back to night work for the next 3 weeks + having to work this weekend, this was the only day I had an option to go. So that was :(

But last year I didn't even remember this sale until it was on its last weekend and didn't go at all, so, this is better! Next time, though , I gotta remember to bring my specific List Of Books I Want/Authors I Like (this sale even organizes books by author's last name!) because while I don't need one to run through the teen books, getting the books I desire from adult fiction to "pop" amid the enormous sea of titles has proven nearly impossible.

Hardcovers ($2 except where noted)
1. Cress Delahanty - Jessamyn West: a random yank because I eyeballed the plain yellow library binding spine with that title and I was like "this seems like vintage teen lit misplaced with adult fiction," and the contents confirmed it's about a girl aged 12-16 and set in the 1940s, so even though it was technically for adults, even if I don't keep it I think it might be enjoyable to read. In a A Tree Grows in Brooklyn way, it seems like a book lots of people read as minors. (okay, second truth: I was intrigued because "Cress" immediately reminded me of the main caracter in Vivian Breck's Hoofbeats on the Trail. And speaking of that --)

2. High Trail - Vivian Breck: With a dust jacket, even! I am SO FRICKIN' PSYCHED to have found this only a few months after falling in love with it. Now it makes a matched set with Hoofbeats on the Trail so I have both Breck books I've read and cherish.

3. Rusty the Cocker Spaniel - Colonel S. P. Meek: I paid $8 for this one because they have a special section for vintage books (another great thing about this sale!!), which are very reasonably priced against online pricing (online copies for this currently start at $9.97), and 1930S DOG BOOK by a proven author of great animal lit. (1947 edition, no dust jacket)

Paperbacks ($1 each)
4. Bass Ackwards and Belly Up by Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain: a fantastic 5-star YA novel I've been on the hunt for since I read it in 2014. Would have preferred in hardcover to match its sequel, but I am a beggar at this point.

5. Fifty Acres and a Poodle - Jeanne Marie Laskas: a memoir I 1000% adored and have also been looking for since I read it in 2016. ...which I now realize I was so excited/overjoyed to randomly find, I did not check condition, and it seems to have some staining along the page edges. :(

6. The Black Spaniel Mystery - Betty Cavanna: a 1940s teen/dog book by an author I adore!

7. Behind the Attic Wall by Silvia Cassedy: because a Goodreads friend loves and recommended it, and it looks good, but local libraries don't have it and this was easier than planning an Interlibrary Loan. Planning to read & release this one.

Things I Didn't Buy But That Looked Awesome
* There were approximately 6 bajillion teen paperbacks from the 80s and 90s, which is really kind of its own style between vintage teen novels and contemporary YA as we know it, and I would have loved more time to scan through those, because sometimes they really hit the spot. A saw a lot of things there that tickled my curiosity.

* I declined to buy the first and third books of K.M. Peyton's The Flambards series in an attempt to curb my book-overdosing impulses, because I wasn't sure if it was the kind of horse book that properly appealed to me (seemed potentially more about people), but I might be regretting that a bit now. Peyton is one of the few authors who wrote horse books when they were big and continues to write YA featuring horses today, and I should trust that.

*A Ren Poortvliet book about wild animals that I already have, but which will be an absolute score for somebody.

* A vintage horse book that, alas, was thoroughly stained and had some kind of pink highlighter bleed along the top edges

* Fairfax Downey's Cats of Destiny, because I love that guy and it even had a dust jacket!, but the jacket and book edge were both stained/spotty with foxing, and I'm not that huge on nonfiction / story anthologies anyway.

* Pets: a complete handbook on the care, understanding, and appreciation of all kinds of animals by Frances nicholson Chrystie, a 1974 overview to the general care of basically any domestic animal you can think of (and also chipmunks) that surely is too outdated to be of good use, but then again, people kept these creatures alive for many decades prior to '74, so...

But the main reason I wanted it is that I had forgotten all about it, but the cover image was so vividly recognizable I immediately remembered that I checked it out of the library all the time when I was a kid, and found it so readable that it was the major source of my now-vanished knowledge about the basic food, shelter & handling needs of basically any cage pet I could have feasibly owned. I am so nostalgic for it that I'm sitting here right now regretting putting it back. Bookfinder says it's gonna cost me $7 minimum if I wanna order it online; it was only $2 there AND it was in great shape AND ex-library!

* A deluxe edition of Hayley Westenra's CD "Pure," which I put back only because I thought I was gonna go over budget with books (boyfriend only brought back $20 from the ATM, admittedly for my own good) and then forgot I could afford it after I put a few of my initial book picks back.

* There was a selection of vintage yearbooks! And also one from 2002, which I absolutely would have bought had it been from a school in my county or had I remembered anyone from college going there. (that's gonna be my favorite thing to hunt as I get older, y'all. I wanna live long enough to collect a minimum of 20 yearbooks featuring my former classmates. Holy grail: one I've signed. #BucketList) This is one of the things I wish I'd had more time to look at -- I would have loved to read more of the messages that people wrote in it; it seemed pretty full.

Things I Didn't Buy Because They Were Hideous
* A frickin' creepy vintage BDSM memoir called Nine and a Half Weeks: A Memoir of a Love Affair that I picked up out of idle curiosity, flipped open, looked at for five seconds and then barely convinced myself not to scream about as if a banshee itself had inhabitated my body as I dropped it. A few seconds later my morbid curiosity came back and I flipped quickly through to the end, hoping for something redemptive, but this sounds like an abusive nightmare; no one is ever again allowed to tell me that BDSM is sexy and cool as long as it's your consensual kink and Fifty Shades just "portrays it wrong."

Things I Sought But Came Up Short On
* No Lynn Hall anywhere. Damn it!! This is exactly the kind of place I'd most expect to see her stuff, given how extensive the teen/middle grade section here is and how commonplace 70s-90s books are within that section.

* No hardcover Marguerite Henry. Not that I have many of hers left to hunt down, but again, this is where I'd have better odds than anywhere short of an antiquarian bookstore on finding it offline.

* No Gladys Taber. I'm never even sure where to look for what I want from her -- could be in vintage, could be with pets, could be memoir, or could even be mixed up with fiction if someone doesn't know what they're looking at.

* Not enough time to hunt through the 8 frillion cookbooks in hopes of pouncing upon Susan Branch's beautiful stuff
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