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Question, Squee Factor, Memeage, and Pirate Master x2

In other words, "a very crowded posting."  As always.

1. Question: How annoying are the advertisements if I upgrade to a Plus account?  Because I would really like just a touch more userpic space, as well as the ability to post polls - I've been debating a paid account, but the marginal benefits of that versus Plus don't seem worth the cost, unless the ads are extremely distracting.

2. Squee Factor: I decided to look at the actual detailed course description of my English classes in the booklet, versus just what I know in general from the course title, and turns out I misread it - unlike the class I was temporarily in during January, THIS American Lit class is not 1865-present, but TO 1865.  Pilgrims to 1865 - or in other words, when American lit was good!  It actually says we're going to end with poetry (about the Civil War) - Herman Melville, Walt Whitman, EMILY DICKINSON.  You cannot possibly understand my level of UNADULTERATED, BOUNCING-OFF-THE-WALLS SQUEE FACTOR right now.  Not even the phrases "weekly response papers" and "independent work in small groups" can hamper my glee right now.  NO HUCK FINN!  (Of course, no Edith Wharton either, but that's a small sacrifice for all the crap I've undoubtedly avoided)

2a. Squee Factor 2: I also decided to double-check the calendar, and it turns out that even though I move in on Saturday, and all other returning students arrive on Sunday, classes aren't starting until Wednesday, which is awesome.  For the first time ever, instead of having a welcoming assembly on day 1 followed by a shortened class schedule, they're just holding classes off another day.

3. Harry Potter Meme: Another one.  Different from the last.  Admittedly still Quizilla.  Equally fun.  Also snagged from [info]scsquidsnaps

        What's Your Reputation at Hogwarts? (26 different characters)    

Quiet Nerd:
House: Ravenclaw
Best Friend: Hermione.

Harry: Wants you to speak up more during class because he loves your voice and thinks you are quite intelligent.
Ron: Hopes that you get less like Hermione as you get older.
Hermione: Loves that you study as much as she does.
Oliver Wood:
Doesn't know who you are.
Fred and George Weasley:
Try to get you to play pranks with them to crack your tough shell.
Seamus Finnigan:
Doesn't bother trying to get to know you.
Neville Longbottom:
Is too busy dreaming about Ginny.
Dean Thomas:
Bought you a book for Christmas because he had a crush on you.
Ginny Weasley:
Tried to burn that book so that you would have more time to spend on being normal.
Parvati Patil:
Is always too busy flirting with the Gryffindor boys to notice you.
Padma Patil:
Same as Parvati.

Cedric Diggory:
Doesn't know who you are.


Cho Chang:
Same as Cedric.

Draco Malfoy: Picks on you as often as possible because he knows it hurts your feelings.
Don't know you.
Same as Crabbe.
Pansy Parkinson:
Is always picking on you with Draco.
Marcus Flint:
Wants to be smart like you, but knows he can't so he makes fun of you for it.
Blaise Zabini:
Is the only Slytherin who's somewhat nice to you.

Dumbledore: Tries to get you to like new things so that you won't be so shy.
Professor McGonagall:
Likes how you don't talk during class.
Professor Flitwick: Knows you are afraid of showing your true skills in class and tries to get you to demonstrate them in class.
Professor Trelawney: Predicts a lonely life for you.
Professor Snape: Forgets your name on a daily basis.
Doesn't even know you exist.

8% of people got this result.  Take this quiz!
Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Oh yes, this is totally me, except for the unnatural hair colors and EW, lip piercing.  This is not an accurate visual representation of Quiet Nerd Stereotype!  I quite like how I relate to all the people, though.  This is exactly how I'd relate to people if I decided to star in a Mary Sue story; I especially love the reactions of Fred, George, and Ginny.  And how odd, I think I used to know Marcus Flint in middle school...course, he went by the name of Sam, but still. 
4. And now for Pirate Master babbling...2 weeks worth, again, because last week I was too distracted by five hours of dancing to remember that I was supposed to pay attention to a pirate ship too. 

Last week, Jay had the following words of philosophy to share with the camera: "[This game] forces you to make things that go against your morals and values!"  I shrieked with laughter and couldn't stop until about five minutes later, just because of how serious he was when he said it.  Like it's this shocking discovery he's just made, and he has no way to avoid his obligations to backstab and be twofaced.  More importantly, it's a game - not, you know, a matter of life or death.  The people who get cut adrift don't float out to sea until they die of dehydration or shark attack.   That was pretty much the highlight of the episode.

The rest of it, I just moped about, watching in astonishment as Christa turned on Ben.  I watched it twice and my head still spun, trying to grasp what was happening.  Ben spent the entire game in the very comfortable position of Prince of the World, and then one damned word from Laurel and he's black as black in the captain's eyes.  HONESTLY, Christa.  Stupid mother, blinded by her parenthood, always thinking about Jay's kids.  And okay, maybe Ben might have mentioned the possibility of getting rid of Christa, but Jay seemed pretty darn invested in keeping the idea on the table.  But apparently, that didn't bother her at all; it was Ben she was dead-set on getting rid of.

With Laurel in other black-spot position, I had my head in my hands, thinking poor Baby Ben didn't have a chance.  "Louie's not going to go against Laurel.  And even if, miracle of miracles Ben manages to sway Jay into voting for her, the best he'll do is force a tie.  At which point the decision swings to Christa, and she gave out the black spots with the warning that one person was only being put on the spot to make sure the other got sent home; her mind's already made up."  A unanimous mutiny ballot was the only hope, and that didn't seem real likely.

For one of the only times in my life, I actually watched every second of Pirates Court, hanging off Ben's every word, watching Christa's face like a hawk and finding myself repeatedly chanting "Oh please, oh please, oh please..."  Please forgive him.  Let your stupid soft heart sway you where it actually counts!  And then, just when I think all is lost, she says something like, "Laurel - I think you're funny and wonderful, but I did say I'd rather go up against the strongest competitor in the end."  AND BEN WAS SAFE.  And I cheered, because even though I love Laurel, and I think she played a spectacular game, coming in fifth, considering she never really bothered with alliances or friendship or doing much of anything, really.  She's kind of my hero for doing that.  But I still want Ben to win it all.
This week, it was an even worse roller-coaster ride of emotions, if such a thing is even possible.  Christa was still in Supreme Bitch mode, still considerably more sour than forgiving where Ben was concerned, and even more irritatingly obsessed with Jay's kids and the fact that as the only other parent left on board (really?  Louie doesn't have kids?  I'm...shocked, actually; he seems like he would have several), they had some kind of special connection.  You know, taking fourth place on a reality gameshow, and with money won along the way, he's probably not doing too badly for his kids as it is.  Geeze.

But this was also a particularly heartwrenching week (I'm sure the producers thought they'd struck their own brand of gold when they looked at this footage and realized the kind of story they could make out of it), and in my opinion the best week because of it.  The Shaky Triad has been happily throwing challenges left and right for a while now, but all of a sudden it started to catch up with their respective consciences.  Particularly on Ben, which is understandable, because this week he wasn't so much "on the opposing team" as "partnered with Louie,"  and committed to taking a dive where he'd be partially rewarded, but Louie would get deliberately shafted.  Keep in mind that Louie has been losing regularly, often coming so close that he looks totally devastated at the end, and yet every new challenge he's fresh, eager and optimistic.  And completely unaware that due to circumstances beyond his control, he has no chance whatsoever.  It's heartbreaking!  Tell me your heart wasn't breaking every time Louie gave another camera interview about how rowing was their strength, and that despite being dismally far behind at the beginning, they got back in the running!

If your heart withstood all that, it definitely didn't withstand the part where Christa and Jay, feeling pangs of remorse, call him in for a $5,000 bonus "because [he] deserved it," and he's so incredibly touched and grateful that he almost can't stop babbling his thanks (and hee, they SO cannot look him in the eye).  I'm beginning to think Louie has the biggest heart of any reality show contestant, ever, including all 14 seasons of Survivor.

And then, of course, over on the other side is Ben, eyes looking distinctly red-rimmed as he miserably talks about how guilty he feels for betraying Louie like that.  Which in turn makes me feel quite bad for him, because my giant crush notwithstanding, I really do think he has a hard time trying to figure out what's best, and he has a tendency to make mistakes.  I would like to remind you that he's 20, which in reality-show terms is pretty much the equivalent of early childhood.

Then it came down to Christa deciding on one pirate to be safe for the final 3, and giving him power to decide who wouldn't be around for it.  Honestly, I'm not sure which would have been the smartest decision for her.  If she saves Louie, then she's spurning both her allies at once. If she saves Ben, no matter how earnest and devoted-puppy he clearly would have been, then she'll either be crying over Jay's kids when he goes home, or she risks falling out of favor with Jay if he doesn't, for blackspotting him in the first place.  And if she saves Jay, she's at greatest risk of being stabbed in the back should he decide that having her around is no longer the best option.

I'd rather have had Azmyth in place of Christa, or possibly Laurel, but I'm actually pretty happy with this final four and I think I'll be at peace no matter who gets cut adrift tonight.  Right now, I've got pros and cons against all of them winning:

+Total sweetheart (also, fantastic hair; it actually gleams in the sunlight).  Deserves to be given the world, if possible.  Will settle for Cpt. Steele's Treasure
-Would be a major upset, and I'm not a fan of upsets, DANNY BEATING PASHA OUT FOR A SPOT IN THE TOP FOUR

+It'd be neat to have a woman be the one and only Pirate Master
-She whines.  A lot.  Especially about kids.  Very irritating person, really

+Took this game to heart, body, mind and soul; has worked harder than anyone to achieve it, is a true "pirate" and totally deserves to win on merit
-Has lied to and backstabbed some people (*cough* Jupiter, Ben) I really liked.  Also, kept Christa in power.

+SO CUTE.  Also, musician.  And all-around adorable, and has managed to remain on top nearly all game
-There is no con to him winning.  In fact, I demand that Ben win Pirate Master as consolation for my other summer TV boyfriend not winning his show last week.

Of course, how it actually went down is that Jay got saved, and he decided to kick out Louie, which made me a lot sadder than I thought it would.  Better him than Ben, but oh I was hoping for mutiny this week, more than I've ever wanted it before.  And although I skipped the PC speeches, apparently Ben's conscience got the better of him and he told Louie about throwing the expedition.  Which was oh, so dumb.  And although I really liked how everyone emphasized how much they loved him and thought he was a great person and they were sorry to see him go, he still looked more hurt than he's ever been as he drifted away, and DAMN YOU, STUPID REALITY SHOW, FOR MAKING ME EXPERIENCE DEEP EMOTIONS AND/OR CARE ABOUT NON-FICTIONAL PEOPLE I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW.

Next week: Ben FTW!  I hope.  It's my very last bit of TV for the summer, conveniently airing on my last day of summer, and then it's 3 solid weeks of school before Survivor: China swoops in to rescue me from the Pit of TV-less Educational Despair.
5. I started packing today!  And by that, I mean I gathered all my school supplies together, sorted out which binders/notebooks full of my personal stuff I'm bringing to school vs. storing at home, did the same for my videotapes, and rounded up most of my fall/winter shirts.

Yeah.  I have a ways to go.
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