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*winces and peeks at Scorpion tag*

Oh sweet baby jesus the last time I mentioned this show on here was the cancellation? And before that was April?

But...but...oh god, I have so much fandom euphoria ground to cover. The fic! The DVDs that haven't been out of my sight more than a couple days in two months! The headcanon! The infinite number of Notepad docs with show commentary in them! How do I even begin to describe the all-encompassing hold this show has had on me? (IDK, the tags on my Tumblr posts might illuminate it some)

Not a day has gone by that I haven't been immersed in episode clips. (Which means I may have tragically lost my first delighted impressions of season 1, as well as my euphoria about caring about things other than Quintis at their wedding.) I know these sets forwards and backwards at this point, yet at the same time, everything is still pretty shiny and new to me because, well, 71 episodes is a lot content, and there are goodies in every single one; I can't hold that much happiness in my head at once.

I also have hunted down every YouTube clip available, rewatched the 5 free eps on, scoured Tumblr for gifsets and hit the (blessed, blessed and lifesaving) transcript site hard to flesh out my largely in-one-ear-and-out-the-other experience with season 4, and have even relinquished $6.42 of hard-won Amazon credit to buy 3 of them because I just couldn't wait any longer to revisit them and the DVD is still 3 months out. I am sitting on my hands to avoid spending any more, but I know there are still a few scraps of Walter/Paige scenes I'm missing and look forward to them immensely.

I am deep into fic-reading as well, having scoped out the two best authors by far (who fortunately also wrote 8 zillion stories and are still active), plus a few suitable runners-up. Paige & Walter have become the resident 24/7 ship in my head, although with the way canon left things (FOR DEPRESSINGLY EVER), it is more often than not just Walter on his own, plunging me into vicarious depression, a side effect I really do not like and am doing my best to ignore until it goes away (when, though; god, without a canon antidote and with my refusal to look at any other shows to distract me, when). It is entirely inconvenient how my already distressing similarity to him managed to dovetail with my abandonment trigger.

But, uh, when not doing that, I am busy delighting in everything the canon has to offer. I have grown particularly fond of Walter & Happy's friendship, and am slow (slooooow)ly coming around on Sylvester, mostly because Walter is making me. They have some really sweet moments together, so I GUESS I can consider the guy part of the family, hysterical fumbling and all. I still can't pick my favorite season. (I think that it is not season 4, solely because Patty, and to a lesser extent Florence, are hella more annoying than Tim ever was, but it's hard to reject SUPER TACTILE AND AFFECTIONATE CANON WAIGE as anything less than the best, so who knows.)

And I still can't believe four is all we're ever going to get. For how stable its ratings were prior to this year, I can't believe that getting slaughtered by impossible superstar The Good Doctor was enough to take them out. I am so mad that CBS somehow renewed that crap pile Instinct I can't see straight. I still think it would have been just as feasible and logical to give Scorpion the treatment that Elementary, Unforgettable and Code Black have gotten, enough for one last short year that they could have left as spring filler.

But since they didn' least I am in a somewhat more fortunate position than the rest of the fandom, who are all shades of "I'm so heartbroken I can't even enjoy old episodes," whereas I'm still very much LOOK AT MY ENORMOUS SPLASH POOL OF FUN. I am constantly uncovering new things, whether it is character tics that have started to emergy when you can compare multiple years' worth back to back, little background moments that I've missed when the focus is on gifsets with dialogue, or even just set-design details about the garage & loft.

I have, at least, recorded dates on some of my billion Notepad docs where I've been scribbling down reactions in between the massive undertaking that is my usual method of processing footage -- novelizing all the best scenes, which at this point is probably at least 40% of all scenes, to both more firmly fix them in my head as well as study expressions and interpret character thoughts, the first step to absorbing characterization enough to write original ones -- so perhaps I can put together a timeline of highlights in the near-ish future. We'll see.

Tags: drive-by posting, scorpion

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