RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Where my Zetas at, where my Zetas at?

Today's activity: reading Katharine McPhee interviews from the House Bunny era and just giggling into my hands because they are so darn cute* and enthusiastically unfiltered.

a.k.a. "I just rewatched this movie, and I cried in places?? mostly out of happiness, and I loved all the girls even more than the first time around, and I found even more actors I love that I didn't know before (Perfect Mean Girl Sarah Wright Olsen, hi, hello!), and I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH." I can't believe this movie happened a whole decade-plus ago. Everyone simultaneously looks younger and exactly the same. (except Anna Faris is SO skinny, what the hell; I assumed the cover was badly Photoshopped but she's literally about as thick as a sheet of paper from the side; is this even possible or can you CGI a whole movie)

I want to join this sorority house and be friends with all of them at once, but I am particularly enchanted by McPhee's character, who in addition to being gorgeous is also the sweetest and most innocent little lamb (despite being 9 months pregnant). And now I am fully spiraling, extrapolating backstories and future stories for her character before realizing I mostly just want her in her own story, and now I'm sitting here outlining novels again. Of slightly more value since this time since it is actually original concepts, technically, but also mostly a waste of time when I need to get back to work.

*Speaking of those interviews: time to go be upset that "The Last Caller" fell through somewhere along the way! I am super curious what it would have been like. Curious enough that I'd see it with someone else, even.
       In the movie, Katharine McPhee will star as a self-obsessed woman who searches for love, hope and meaning during a few random events with other urban seekers. "It'll be cool because it's definitely an indie and, if it's made right, one of those festival darlings," she said. "It's more to see me as a serious actress. This is more like actress material and more of a lead role."

And have you SEEN her in the special features?? "This is my first day on my first movie!" She's 23 at this point and like a giddy teenager. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. All of them are the cutest in these featurettes, it really is like they're all college freshmen hanging out. I cannot get enough. Thank goodness there are a ridiculous number of special features. AND THE MUSIC VIDEO. I cannot believe this movie doesn't have an official soundtrack. It is one of the only movies in the world to feature pop music without using any awful or super-boring songs, and it has this fantastic song remake??

I cannot believe I have resisted this long, but she definitely gets her own celeb tag now.

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