RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Don't mind me, just nostalgia-ing out.

Is Billy one of my decidedly less beloved Power Rangers? Absolutely.

Did I still immediately buy the "Best of Blue" DVD I saw at the dollar store so as to secure another six episodes w/ my actual faves from library purges and streaming whims? Also yes.

...did I then stumble upon a surprisingly well-reviewed "complete [MMPR] series" set on Amazon that I now have grabby hands about? Yes again. (but absolutely am not willing to spend that kind of money on. That's rare-horse-book money, and this DVD set would rank approximately 103rd on the list of "DVD sets I need more," without even counting books. Still....

  • "All of the episodes are uncut . . . It also comes with two bonus discs. Half of it is new features and half of it is rare material that is very hard to find."

  • "It comes with the first 3 seasons, a booklet, and bonus features"

  • "Nineteen MMPR discs with a good image and audio. Finally an organized way to follow the MMPR story, including an extra disc with lots of interviews and specials [most of them were released in the 90's on VHS as special episodes and things like this.]"

This post has been brought to you by this post, where I have no idea what kind of crossover crack nonsense is going on in that YouTube trailer, but JDF is kinda looking the best he's looked since the 90s (tattoos covered up? hair less spiky and gel soaked? soul patch turned into a proper beard? this is more like it)? It reminds me of that trailer for The Order, with all the former PR actors, but with the pleasant bonus of a familiar character and vaguely attached to the canon I know.

(and speaking of The Order, they finally made an update video circa 1 month ago saying that most of their funding was used up on unexpected/excessive fees and legal issues, but they are still trying really hard to find additional funding and get it made. I don't know if I believe that their hope to start shooting in December will actually happen, but fingers crossed! Also, I'm so glad that update video is 17 minutes long, because Catherine Sutherland is sitting there looking adorable in her lil' beanie hat and occasionally chiming in with her even lovelier voice, and this is what true happiness feels like?)
Tags: power rangers

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