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Old music posts led to listening to old Glee music led to watching old Glee performances led to "All of Me" and...apparently it's been multiple years since I could last bear to watch Klaine in video form. Long enough to forget all the specifics of their make-up scene in the season 5 finale. Long enough for MY HEART TO BURST INTO GLITTERING RAINBOWS at the sight, almost like seeing it for the first time all over again. BLAINE. YOUR FACE. YOUR REGRET.

I definitely haven't watched this since the season 6 premiere spoilers burst onto the scene and killed off my fandom participation, and there is a little part of me that is all the fight in the piano room is gonna happen again. soon. and this time Blaine won't be able to fix it and it will destroy him, but fortunately we can either ignore that voice or be like, "yeah, but since it's also been so long since we looked at spoilers we can genuinely no longer remember that Karofsky supposedly exists, and are busy chewing on the angsty deliciousness of a depressed!Blaine who Depressions so hard he fails out of school and flees New York," and long story short, that's when I turn to my theoretical Blaine/Living In The Middle of Nebraska AU and make up my own ending about how they get back together.

But right now, I just wanna bask in THIS moment, and the fact that Blaine is 100% earnestly ready to walk away from the showcase if it means Kurt will forgive him. Oh, I've missed you two.

(I have also kinda missed Chris Colfer, Actor, as opposed to Colfer the Writer. It's almost a wild novelty now, so little time has he spent in front of a camera outside this super-show)

Also, if I even forgot the lines, I definitely forgot all of Blaine's micro-expressions while Kurt is talking. Or maybe I never noticed them, maybe that is a new habit I picked up from fixating on Walter in my Scorpion binge to wring every inch of meaning out of every quality scene, but suffice to say I am thoroughly Hung Up on his about-to-cry face the whole time Kurt is somberly talking through his bird analogy while really, really sounding like he's about to lead into a breakup.

And then...THANK YOU HUGGING. I did not forget that, but I have deprived myself of it so long that I was able to recapture approximately 90% of the original thrill.

Now let's just, like, super super SUPER not think about how heart-stabbingly awful some of these lines have become now, when juxtaposed with the very next goddamn episode ("
ou give someone your heart to look after and you tell yourself that you're safe, but you never know if today or tomorrow is gonna be the day that they drop it like a stone.

Read more: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/view_episode_scripts.php?tv-show=glee&episode=s05e20

You give someone your heart to look after and you tell yourself that you're safe, but you never know if today or tomorrow is gonna be the day that they drop it like a stone" OH REALLY KURT? REALLY? Tell me more about this supposed fear that was apparently actually a warning) and yep, yep, okay, now I am definitely remembering the feeling of exactly how the spoilers 4 years ago blew my heart to pieces and salted the earth in their wake.

Antidote: Imma just make a quick playlist for myself of "love songs Blaine sang to Kurt over the years."

All of Me
All You Need is Love
Somewhere Only We Know
Teenage Dream (acoustic) (I CAN MAKE IT HAPPIER IN MY HEAD)
Not While I'm Around

did I forget any? that I know about, i.e. not from season 6? ...or the, like, 80% of season 5 I have not seen?
Last note before I get back to work: I decided to see if the whole "I haven't watched it in so long that the original thrill comes back" thing worked on the end of 5x16, and...HOLY CRAP. This is even better. Damn, Darren, that is some fine self-loathing and hurt wrapped in tension and defensive anger you have brought to the table for the argument there, followed in short order by emotional collapse. And best of all, I finally feel like I can read sincerity in Kurt's final response. Never could see it before. Now I have everything I want.  *floats off on shipper cloud*



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Aug. 2nd, 2018 09:24 pm (UTC)
I was never a Kurt/Blaine shipper (I don’t say that to offend!) But “Somewhere Only We Know” gave me chills when I watched the episode and even now when it comes up on my iPod, it still gives me chills.

As for the season six spoilers, I never got why they would do that. For me, Karofsky’s arc came to its natural end in season 3 (was it season three? The hospital scene with Kurt where he imagined his future?) I never understood why bring him back when his storyline had wrapped up so neatly. And. I love Max Adler to bits but just... no.
Aug. 5th, 2018 07:33 am (UTC)
No offense taken! That actually makes it even more wonderful to hear you like that song. I do think it stands out among the Warbler songs in terms of depth and vocal power.

And OMG, I will yell for hours about Karofsky in season 6; don't let me start! But thank you for agreeing. You're right, his arc came to a nice close in season 3. I wouldn't have minded if he'd turned up in season 6 for a guest spot, maybe to show off a happy ending that wasn't just a fantasy, but absolutely nothing about what they actually did with him will ever make sense. Even if I weren't yelling from a shipper perspective, I don't get the point of using him as, essentially, a placeholder boyfriend/prop in someone else's love story.

...that was totally less than 1 hour of yelling, I'm pretty sure.
Aug. 5th, 2018 01:42 pm (UTC)
Your idea for season six Karofsky makes so much more sense. Even to have him be in the show as a friend of whoever Blaine’s new love interest/significant other would be. Or as a friend to Blaine, I could work with them as friends. But as anything more? Too much water under that particular bridge for me. (Unless you’re actually going to show me them falling in love with each other but that would require probably a season long arc and more interest in the idea than the Glee writers actually had.)
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