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Definitely a good use of 2 hours.


Even so, I am very proud of my ability to take this page -- where I clearly done borked up the HTML somewhere in a way that is impossible to untangle, though I also swear it did not always look like this, or I would have noticed -- and cross-reference with a f*ckton of other web pages (including this one) and my own memory, based on the order in which the names appear, until I was able to reconstruct it with about 95% accuracy / completion in a Word document with proper bullet-point nesting in order to outline all of my Best Imaginary Stallion In the World's descendants. And bless Past Me for noting color, gender & other parent's name, because that really helped me track some of these guys down, in addition to reminding me of some great horses' existence.

One day I will figure out the HTML required to fix the actual page too, but for now, at least I am content.

Thunderwith's Progeny

On this page, Thunderwith's 19 surviving foals are listed to the left in bold type, in chronological order (as best as possible). Each subsequent generation is indented an additional tab.

  • Roll of Thunder (blood bay colt out of Spanish Sky)

    • Rock N Roll (1/2 QH bright bay colt o/o Real Competitive)

    • Hear My Cry (strawberry roan colt o/o Tiara)

    • Beyond the Sea (1/2 Paint dark bay tovero colt out of London Exchange)

      • Ocean of Fire (1/4 Paint palomino tovero colt o/o Rekindled Dreams)

      • Cherokee Fire (1/4 Paint chestnut tobiano colt o/o Starfire)

      • Harlem Nocturne (3/8 Paint piebald overo filly o/o Dreamcatcher)

      • Dance Across the Sea (1/4 Paint piebald tovero filly o/o Nawishkote)

      • Firefly (1/4 Paint chestnut tovero filly o/o Starfire)

      • Mystery of the Sea (1/4 Paint, 1/2 Andalusian bay tovero colt o/o Tambien Malo)

      • Where Never Eagle Flew (1/4 Paint bay tovero colt o/o On Eagles Wings)

      • Brilliant Sea (1/4 Paint gray tovero colt o/o On Eagles Wings)

    • Thunder Fire (dark bay colt o/o Black Fire)

    • Clouds of Fire (gray filly o/o Black Fire)

      • Sienna Storm (light bay filly by Mountain Eagle)

        • Winter Storm Warrior (bay medicine hat colt by Thunder Warrior)

        • Niiawee Kiiawee (bay colt by Thundersky)

      • Windchaser (gray filly by Nawadide)

  • Morning Music (buckskin tobiano filly o/o Spanish Sky)

    • Eagle Song(piebald overo filly by Mountain Eagle)

    • ??(buckskin colt by Mountain Eagle)

    • Morning Star (buckskin colt by Starman)

  • Deep Sunset (red roan colt o/o Tiara)

    • Four Feet Deep (1/2 Paint strawberry roan tobiano colt o/o Silken Star)

      • Fell Feet First (1/4 Paint black filly o/o Onjishkawishkaa)

      • Sunken Circle (1/4 Paint black filly o/o Onjishkawishkaa)

    • Sunset Boulevard (1/2 QH buckskin filly o/o Imps Scrappy Chex)

      • Mountain Sunset (1/4 QH buckskin skewbald filly by Mountain Rainmaker)

        • Mount Olympus (1/8 QH blue roan overo filly by Thundersky)

          • Mount Everest (1/16 QH blue roan filly by Chief Entado)

      • Broadway (1/4 QH piebald tovero filly by Mountain Rainmaker)

      • Rodeo Drive (1/4 QH grulla filly by Thundersky)

    • Fire Within (strawberry roan colt o/o Mountain Fire)

    • Stolen Sunrise (red roan colt o/o Blue Rein)

    • Baron Sunset (red roan colt o/o Got Milk)

      • Giizisishkode (chestnut filly o/o Nawishkote)

    • Twilight Whisper (strawberry roan colt o/o Wind Song)

    • Darkness (black colt o/o Thunderchild)

    • Mirrored Sunset (red roan colt o/o Wind Song)

    • Clouded Sunset (dapple gray filly o/o Silver Eclipse)

  • Prairie Hawk (buckskin filly o/o Silver Hawk)

    • Mountain Bluejay (buckskin tobiano filly by Mountain Eagle)

      • Hawkcota Fox (palomino pintaloosa, tobiano w/ blanket, filly by Foxfire)

        • Golden Fox (palomino colt by Spotted Gold)

    • Nawadide (buckskin colt by Virtual Dreams)

      • PorcelinaoftheVastOceans (ivory champagne filly o/o Faded Song)

        • Art of War (ivory champagne colt o/o PorcelinaoftheVastOceans)

      • Windchaser (gray filly o/o Clouds of Fire)

      • Yaninka (1/2 Friesian black filly o/o Heaven's Breath)

      • Frozen Fire (white colt o/o Ghostly Echo)

      • Amik (buckskin colt o/o Fantasia)

      • Anishinaabe (cream filly o/o Starfire)

    • African Zeal (piebald tobiano colt by Storms in Africa)

    • Prairie Skylightnin' (blue roan colt by Thundersky)

      • Prairiesky Echo (perlino filly o/o Echoes of Summer)

        • Echoes Ashes (smoky black filly by Koffen)

          • Ghostly Echo (white filly by Inverse Oreo)

            • Frozen Fire (white colt by Nawadide)

            • Snowfallen Quest (white colt, blue eyes, by Shaman'sQuest)

    • Onjishkawishkaa (mouse dun filly by Moonshine)

      • Hoplite (amber champagne colt by Galileo Sky)

      • Against Avalon (gray colt by Avalon Myst)

      • Captive Wind (black filly by Thief)

      • Wounded Owl (perlino filly by Fallen Angel)

  • Cowboy Cop (buckskin colt o/o Satan’s Angel)

    • Sunny (1/2 Paint palomino colt o/o Honey Dew)

    • Copper Nikal (light bay filly o/o Lady Barrister)

      • Hawaii Five-O (dappled palomino filly by Alaskan Gold Mine)

      • Animikii (1/4 QH buckskin filly by Thunderwitha Flash)

      • Coppersky (bay filly by Thundersky)

  • Briar Rose (red roan filly o/o Tiara)

    • Thunder Rose (red roan medicine hat filly by Thunder Warrior)

    • Rosebud Warrior (red roan medicine hat filly by Thunder Warrior)

      • Overcast (gray overo/medicine hat filly by Thundersky)

        • Casting Call (dapple gray overo filly by Chief Entado)

          • Rain Dancer (dark gray w/ blanket filly by Eagle Spirit)

            • Rain Storm (gray tobiano colt by Thunder Storm)

            • Downpour (red roan w/ blanket colt by Zanarkand)

            • Fire Dance (dun tobiano filly by Firestorm)

              • Down By the Bay (bay tovero colt by Shaman's Quest)

              • Razzle (dapple gray colt by Ragazzino)

        • Compleanno Sorpresa (gray colt white lips by Milky White Mountain)

          • Biscotti (gray w/ blanket colt o/o ??)

          • Ragazzino (gray w/ white lips colt o/o Dayden

            • Razzle (dapple gray colt o/o Fire Dance)

        • End Over End (dun roan leopard filly by Echoes End)

      • Thunder Warcry (chestnut medicine hat colt by Moonshine)

      • Dreamer's Requiem (palomino tobiano colt by Virtual Dreams)

      • Zafiro Corazon (blue roan medicine hat colt by Mountain Eagle)

    • ------------------Sapphire Storm (blue roan filly by Zafiro Corazon o/o Brandish the Storm)

    • -----------------Afire By Night (1/2 Morgan black colt by Zafiro Corazon o/o Majestic Fire)

    • ----------------Mi Corazon (blue roan medicine hat filly by Zafiro Corazon o/o Nightbird)

      • Wild Rose (dun/splashed white filly by Wilderness)

      • Warrior Quest (black tobiano colt by Shaman'sQuest)

    • Maltese Falcon (red roan overo colt by Dusky Eagle)

      • Coyote Moon (red roan sabino filly o/o Silver Eclipse)

    • Briar Patch (piebald colt by Mountain Rainmaker)

    • Sleeping Beauty (strawberry roan filly by Thundersky)

  • Chieftain (buckskin colt o/o Pebbles)

    • Steal the Spotlight (buckskin filly o/o Encantado)

    • Immortal Thunder (smoky black colt o/o Blue Rein)

        • Thunder Goddess (smoky black filly o/o Got Milk)

        • Wind Mage (buckskin colt o/o Wind Song)

        • Immortal Essence (smoky black filly o/o Amber Essence)

    • Blacki (black colt o/o Black Fire)

    • Chief Entado (dun colt o/o Encantado)

      • Escape Alkatraz (bright bay medicine hat colt o/o Escapade)

        • Mount Everest (blue roan filly o/o Mount Olympus)

        • Casting Call (dapple gray overo filly o/o Overcast)

  • Heart of the Storm (buckskin colt o/o Silver Hawk)

  • Hot N Foxy (buckskin filly o/o Pebbles)

    • Foxy Lady (red roan filly by Moonshine)

  • Thunderwitha Flash (1/2 QH light buckskin colt o/o Mind of Her Own)

    • Animikii (1/4 Mustang buckskin filly o/o Copper Nikal)

  • Thunderstruk (1/2 Appendix champagne colt o/o Its Stormin Again)

  • Crowning Thunder (buckskin colt o/o Tiara)

    • Avalon Myst (black-point gray colt o/o Silver Eclipse)

      • Avalon Thunder (black filly o/o Thunderchild)

      • Free Thunder (buckskin colt o/o Loose Bolt)

      • Against Avalon (dark gray colt out of Onjishkawishkaa)

      • Busco Mi Espiritu (1/2 Paint smoky piebald overo colt out of Jiibay)

    • Flyaway Thunder (buckskin colt o/o Feather in the Wind)

      • Perfect Thunder (blue roan filly o/o Thunder Prophecy)

      • Fancy (palomino colt o/o Phantom Silver)

    • Silver Pendragon (light gray colt o/o Silver Eclipse)

    • Sovereign Spirit (buckskin colt o/o Phantom Silver)

      • Prairie Flower (buckskin filly o/o Fantasia)

    • Golden Sovereign (palomino colt o/o Phantom Silver)

    • Odin (black colt o/o Metaskan Thunder

  • Last Princess (buckskin filly o/o Tiara)

    • First Moon Thunder (black point gray colt by Moonshine)

    • Starcrossed (black filly by Moonshine)

      • Starry Eyed Warrior (red roan medicine hat filly by Thunder Warrior)

      • Remembered in Dreams (chestnut colt by Virtual Dreams)

    • Kachina (bay tobiano filly by Mountain Rainmaker)

    • Vendetta Continued (sandy bay colt by Copper Moon)

    • Warrior Princess (bay tobiano filly by Thunder Warrior)

    • Naabesim (smoky black tobiano colt by Mountain Rainmaker)

  • Silver Thunder (black point gray filly o/o Silver Hawk)

    • Copper Storm (chestnut colt by Impending Storm)

  • Thunder Lady (palomino filly o/o Lady Barrister)

    • Twilight Gold (palomino filly by Pale Moonbeam)

      • MidKnight Twilight (palomino w/ blanket colt by MidSummerKnight)

      • Spotted Gold (bay leopard colt by Zanarkand)

        • Golden Fox (palomino colt o/o Hawkcota Fox)

  • Thundering By (black colt o/o Got Milk)

    • Thunder Gone (champagne colt o/o Faded Song)

    • Ominous Thunder (black filly o/o Rainsoaked)

      • Conjured Thunder (black colt by Sorcerer's Song)

    • Thundira (grey fily o/o Silver Flame)

  • Song Witha Thunder (dun filly o/o Wind Song)

    • Xenon Eagle (blue dun filly by Mountain Eagle)

    • Imperial Thunder (1/2 Morgan buckskin dun colt by Majestic Fire)

    • Inkdipped Feather (bay filly by Dusky Eagle)

      • Graceful Valor (1/2 Paint piebald overo filly by Banner's Warrior)

      • Horsefeathers (strawberry roan colt by Cinnamon Flare)

      • Vanilla Creme (white filly by Inverse Oreo)

  • London Calling (1/2 Paint buckskin tovero colt o/o London Exchange)

  • Final Thunder (buckskin tobiano filly o/o Spanish Sky)

    • Thunder Quest (buckskin tobiano w/ blue eyes colt by Shaman'sQuest)

I have seriously debated putting the ones I named in blue-colored text, but that is probably enough fiddling for now.
Tags: #39, my great big complex fictional universe

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