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Despite everything I have dug out of my archives from the sim club this month, one puzzle still tugs at and annoys me: a foal named Quiet Courage, out of one of my favorite mares. Who was his sire??

I named him based on the circumstances of his birth (seemingly stillborn, barely survived his first night), so I can't draw context clues, and I sold him before too long, so he won't be in my personal archives, and he was born so long ago I don't think he ever left the first club. Maybe I have a really old printoff from DAA? That's my only hope.

His mother is Spirit Mountain (Mountain Eagle x Tiara, both born wild), and I know he isn't one of Thunderwith's descendants. He's a red roan, so that's not much help since his mother was a red roan pinto. Who the hell else would I have picked?

*goes searching through computer archives*

OK. Here's a show result...what the hell. It says he's half Missouri Foxtrotter. Why is he half Foxtrotter?? What was I doing breeding my Mustang to a Foxtrotter? I know it's right, because I remember now that the only two foals he had were only 1/4 Mustang, but like...why. I never owned any Foxtrotter stallions, so I must have bred to someone else's...? I know there was a Foxtrotter stud based off a real life horse I loved; maybe him? I just...

NEVER MIND I FOUND HIM. Bless you forever, Nat, and leaving the club pages up, including a very ancient horse registry (FROM DAA! You were dedicated enough to save a record of every horse from the original club at the time it closed!). Apparently his sire is "Style," which, okay, LMAO, that name means literally nothing to me; PAST ME, WHAT WERE YOU ON. Was...was he a surprise disaster foal? I just don't understaaaand! Because Style is listed on this page too -- just a random piebald stallion with no parentage; he wasn't mine and I don't know whose he was. This breeding makes no sense to me. All I can think is that maybe I really wanted a gaited foal? (I mean I had a Tennessee Walker stallion, but ok) A gaited pinto foal? (which obviously didn't work)
Tags: my great big complex fictional universe

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