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Top Ten Bookish Websites

This week's topic is "Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites" and because I am not too hip to the book blogger realm despite the fact that that community is tailor made for me, I'm going mostly with the latter. (although the Top Ten Tuesday blog counts as one of the best by default!) It is probably more of a reference for Future Me, but nevertheless, here are the sites most important to my book-lovin' ways.

Note: this is a queued post; link will be updated once it goes live.

1. Goodreads
I mean, obviously. The single best book website ever created. Whether it is in the grip of Amazon's clutches or not, this is basically where I live on the internet. At least, when I want to be happy. (as opposed to wasting time on Tumblr)

I love rating, reviewing, scrolling through my feed to see what like-minded people and/or interesting review-writers are up to in the book world; I love all their stats (especially the convenient end-of-year charts!); I love clicking on random reviewers and hitting "compare books" in search of cool new people who match my book tastes; their recommendation algorithm is the best thing in all the land, and then to say nothing of the message boards...heck, I even like the corporate blog posts from the site itself. Not to mention the truly ridiculous amount of time I spend clicking through my own shelves, reviewing everything I've read and/or rereading my own reviews.

The single best website for locating book deals. They even ping eBay matches. I rarely buy a book over $4 without consulting this site. It's one of only, like, 3 sites that make having mobile internet important to me.

And this one is super important for reminding me where to find all the books under $4 and that do not require shipping.

(referral link for anyone who has not tried it yet and wants to)

Admittedly, Bookfinder will ping matches from here, but I love browsing this site on its own. It's my favorite place to order books from, due to their low (usually free) shipping and member rewards program (less lucrative since July, but still quite good). One of the best parts is that it lets you curate a wishlist and will email you if an out of stock item comes in. You can find most books for equal to the cost of shipping on other sites, and $10 worth of books gets free shipping. Order $50 worth of books -- consecutively, not at once -- and you get a free book ($5 or less). And the packaging is SO PRETTY. It looks like Christmas every time the books arrive in your mailbox, because they are individually wrapped in green plastic:

5. Jane Badger / The Pony Book Encyclopedia
One of my internet heroes: for many years she has maintained this vast directory of horse & pony books, arranged by author, so all those beautiful vintage horse books that I love/collect and are hard to find on more modern book sites -- especially if you want a cover photo or plot summary -- can be found here in all their glory. (Example: Dorothy Lyons). This whole website is both a reading and collecting bucket list big enough for several lifetimes. And speaking of collecting -- it even frequently notes how rare or common the books are in both the UK and US.

6. Fantastic Fiction
This site is similar to the above, but it covers a much wider swath of literature, and it's been an invaluable resource to me. I have found it to be particularly excellent for older books, and prolific children's authors whose canon lists are often incomplete on other sites. Again, covers and summaries for anything 20th century, especially before 1990, are not always the easiest to come by on Goodreads or book sale sites, but this site tends to have them, along with easy purchase links and the way it groups series books together, etc. (ex: Lynn Hall)

7. Author Susan Beth Pfeffer's blog
It has been retired since the beginning of 2014, but there are 6.5 years of archives I recently discovered and I'm working my way through it because she sounds like, basically, the best lady in all the land and I want her for a grandmother second mom (I forget how old I am sometimes). Between the cat pictures, her engaging voice, writing talk and cool inside backstory on some of her books, she may have inspired a 'find ALL the old titles!!' quest for me.

My state's super-low-fi/easy-to-load-and-use interlibary loan central, a/k/a/ Santa's Warehouse, a/k/a/ The Unlimited Credit Card Book Depository where I have been able to request any book I've ever wanted with about a 97% success rate (I am limited to in-state, but my state's libraries are resource-rich), as many as I want, for no additional charge. WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT IT.

(I still refuse to use the new site as long as this one works, because this one is so clean and simple in its stark white-background HTML, no extraneous colors/images or nebulous tabs and frames that bloom and expand like bubbles when clicked instead of loading clearly and easily in new tabs.)

9.  Lost Classics of Teen Lit: 1939-1989
HARK, A REAL BOOK BLOG! Because I have found so many of the vintage books I and apparently no one else online has read on here, and it's just incredibly wonderful to see someone else talk about the kind of books that are so near and dear to my heart. Plus I just love the way she writes all her reviews. They're so detailed, with a combo of synopsis and review, and they're often funny to boot. And in addition to reviewing books I love, I want to read at least half of the other books she posts about! Plus, it's one of the rare book blogs outside the hip-YA-ARC-reviewing circle that is still current and being updated.

10. Cliquey Pizza: 80s Teen Book Series
I just remembered this one, too -- soooo good, nostalgic, fun and helpful for reminding me of the series books of my childhood. Many of them still predate me, but the library had vast collections of many these books in the 90s, and my daycare provider hooked me up with a bunch more that she would find at garage sales and get for me to have something to do, since I was the only kid over the age of 4 or 5 there. So any book that matches that style makes me so nostalgic.
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