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Fun / Depressing Facts!

Winter ended 4 months ago and we are less than 4 months away from it being winter again.

It has been a slow healing process and I am not over the trauma of last winter's BlizzardFest yet; this cannot be true.

Now for the promised fun facts: yesterday I went to a whole bunch of garage sales, one of which made up for my lack of going to any garage sales for most of the summer and most of those being boring. It was the dream type of sale: tons and tons of things, tables loaded with smalls, so that I spent at least 20 minutes poring through all the objects, finding things on my fourth or fifth pass I had never noticed, and ultimately came away with a whole ARMFUL of treasure. Best of all, for very little money! I spent a total of $3.00 for ALL OF THIS:

  • Small Pyrex mixing bowl (white w/ a blue design. not as good as the solid colors, but still good quality -- it is in the car right now but I think it is the snowflake garland pattern, so '72-75)

  • Tiny glass prep bowl, like they have on cooking shows where they put their pre-measured ingredients (Marge Simpson I-just-think-it's-neat.jpg)

  • 2 champagne flutes because I need Chris to have them in his apartment; I am not drinking wine/champagne out of a mug

  • A tapered white candle, something my mom has been looking for. She needs two, but at least now she's halfway there

  • Plastic divider tabs for a 3-ring binder, which I was actually looking for.

  • A random 2001 CD: Matt Wertz, "Somedays," because damned if I am not getting good at eyeballing CDs and deducing which ones I think might be pleasant on the ears. And soon as I put it in the car CD player my ears were awash in acoustic guitar, upbeat melodies and a very solid voice, so good job, me.

  • And my very best score of all: after going to garage sales SPECIFICALLY with the thought in mind that I really wanted to find some 90s-to-mid-00s teen magazines* and garage sales are the only place to find those outside of collector prices on eBay...BY GEORGE, I FOUND ME A 90s TEEN MAGAZINE (sadly only one, but maybe good for my storage space that there was not a whole box)

    • Specifically, I found the March/April 1999 issue of J-14, and here is the ecstatic post I made about it. I literally spent an hour paging through it in giddy rush, sharing priceless images and commentary with my mom (who found it equally hysterical), etc.

    • *This is the world my head has been immersed in since I started rereading the journals, and it was great to get to have it in my hands. I know I own some magazines from this era already, and it's been so long since I looked at them they'd probably feel new to me, but I wanted authentically new, even if its the lowest common denominator of this sort of magazine and doesn't even have any ads. That was part of what I was excited about! Oh well.

    • Fun fact: it appears to be a newsstand copy, possibly the 2nd or 3rd issue of the magazine, and it's in almost pristine shape. (it actually was in pristine shape. Then I...promptly dropped it going up the stairs and it took a hard hit, slightly tearing and indenting the top edge)

And because that last sale was at the north end of town, I then spent 45 minutes strolling around a pretty neighborhood full of old houses and having a blast. Despite 83-degree weather, it was shady and only a little humid so as summer afternoons for walking go, very doable.
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