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A productive use of my time

I've got six work monsters left to conquer, but I have not attempted to face them for the past four hours, and I am gonna ignore them for a couple more because I just found my senior year reading list after a month of misplacing it. I have not yet posted it in full to my LJ, nor am I going to tonight, but what I AM going to do is make a list of the novels I would most like to reread again.

Wheel of the Moon - Sajdra Forrester.
I remember this being a cut above average as far as "17th century teen criminal sent overseas as an indentured servant," but not the specifics.

Sylvester - A.C. Crispin
A horse book I cant find any info about online but rated 4 stars, from the 80s?? GIMME.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl quartet - Melody Carlson.
I read the last two of these, because the summaries sounded neat. I hated them because they turned out to be Christian books.But I no longer hate religion or even Christian books (if they can control their need to drop Scripture beats), and certainly am not a snarly ball of fury at the idea of religious teenagers whose faith is central to their young adult life and choices therein, so I keep feeling like I would really dig her story now.

Golden Dream: A Fuzzy Odyssey
I only gave it 3 stars, but IDK, somehow I still have this really strong memory of enjoying this animal-focused sci-fi  book.

Golden Dog - Mary Elwyn Patchett.
Great Australian novel about a girl with a pet half-dingo and possibly other pets, which I have no excuse not  to reread because it is right there on my shelf. Not even in a box.

Cougar Woman - Jane Hartman
I keep wondering why I bother having a Native American shelf on Goodreads if I never read stories about them anymore. It's because I read all the best ones already and just haven't added most of them.

A Northern Light - Jennifer Donnelly
Best read in summer, should have done it this year...but anyway, I'd like to reread this because the girl on the cover is basically me. As in, looks like me (original edition cover).

A Girl of the Limberlost - Gene Stratton Porter
I've been saying I want to reread this almost as long as I've been saying I wanna reread Little Women. Hard to say which one will win first.

James Herriot's quintet
(as above)

Why Have the Birds Stopped Singing - Zoa Sherburne.
What looks like a really cool historical/time travel novel written in the 70s. ('During an epileptic seizure while visiting her ancestral home, sixteen-year-old Katie is transported back in time and mistaken for her great-great-great grandmother who also had epilepsy at a time when the disease was greatly misunderstood.")

Maverick Cats - Ellen Berkeley
A nonfiction book about feral cats in the 70s.
Meanwhile, I cannot get any of them I don't already own, because I took my library card out of my purse to keep it "safe" before I went to the State Fair, in case, IDK, I lost my purse or it got stolen somehow (and obviously THAT would be worse to replace than my driver's license, right?), and like the DUMBASS I have been 15 times before, I instead put it down somewhere random and have no idea what happened to it. It's a keychain card, okay, it is the approximate size of my pinky.

And I either set it inside a messy drawer or -- and this feels more like what I remember doing -- I just dumped it along with everything else in the center of my bed when I upended my purse to clear it out, and then left everything where it was when I crawled into bed to sleep later that night, so it probably fell somewhere into the carpet of clothing, books, folders and other crap that surrounds the bed that I have been meaning to pick up for weeks. Or maybe it fell down the other side of the bed against the wall, into the land of shadows and spiderwebs, where it will never be retrieved. I have already spent two hours moving things and digging around to no avail.

Which SUCKS because a bunch of requests are about to come in, mostly TV shows (NCIS: LA is already here; I am in the third round of checkouts and it was just put on the Holds shelf for round 1.), and now I gotta suspend them all until I find it or admit defeat and do the thing I have stubbornly  avoided doing for years, even when it meant I couldn't use the library for up to two months at a time: get a new card and lose my beloved number, burned like a song into my brain and able to be typed at lightning speed in about 2 seconds flat.

When will someone invent a tiny tracking beacon I can stick to it and then trigger with an app that makes it light up and/or make noise or something in addition to pinpointing its location?? I would even download an app if you could make this a reality.

OK. Time to get back to work, but  before I do, I will say my consolation prize is that the dollar store has been EPIC lately as far as turning up books that look awesome enough to buy. They were in a dry spell for a while, but now they are back to their prior glory. I will talk about those next post.
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