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Working on the laptop tonight, which means not logged into Tumblr (is this stopping me from looking at Tumblr? No. only frustrating me because I can't reblog) and little to no music + no working disc drive, soooo, sparked by someone linking to Eric Whitacre's "October," my solution has been to make a list of other concert band songs I loved, either because we played them or we sight read them or I just found them on CDs I borrowed from my band director, and OH MY GOD. I definitely go through boom/bust cycles on instrumental band music, and it's been bust for years, but suddenly my ears are awash in epic nostalgia. ALL MY FAVE COMPOSER DUDES IN THE HOUSE.

Whitacre, Holsinger, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Holst and basically anyone else who has written a suite with a march movement, Alfred Reed, Percy Grainger...and some more names will probably float back when I move out of this circle, but after listening to random songs for a few hours, here is the 10-song playlist of Super Highlights I am finally happy playing on loop (may be deleted later).

Equus - Eric Whitacre
First Suite in E Flat - Gustav Holst
Second Suite in F - Gustav Holst
Molly on the Shore - Percy Grainger.
English Folk Suite - Ralph Vaughan Wiliams
Prairie Dances - David Holsinger
Exultate - Samuel Hazo
Incantation and Dance - John Barnes Chance
Hebrides Suite - Clare Grundman (a rare female entrant!)
Armenian Dances - Alfred Reed
(basically: just gimme all the 3-4 part suites & dances ya got)

The really wonderful thing is that I tend to only remember how a few of these go off the top of my head, but the titles snap with instant familiarity from seeing them so often, and as soon as they start I am just blasted away with Feelings and the vague images I associate with the music in my head, which I can't even really articulate because I'm pretty sure half the time it's just that scene from Fantasia representing sound.
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