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I have finally seen enough episodes for it to feel like a real show, and for the characters to feel like real people (it took me FOREVER to accept Tim Allen('s character) being married to this new wife, but now I can barely even remember when the Home Improvement lady felt right).

And ohhhh, my god, but it is the most amazing beautiful antidote to Angry Young Liberal TV I have ever seen. It is the balm on my soul I have sought for so long. it says, hey, look at these super nice people who are also conservative. Look what it's like! And how they aren't literal demons!

They just had this beautiful episode, for example, explaining why fracking exists. All the young people exploded with shouty catchphrases, as they have been taught that Fracking Is Corporate Evil, and the very nice Scientist Mom lady defended the process when done right, in ways I have quite literally never been casually exposed to before.

Plus the emotional component of the daughter feeling personally betrayed when she learns what her mom does, and the mom being hurt but not forcing it -- honestly, it feels like a good scenario for people who hate their Trump-voting relatives right now to watch.

Note: this is a backdated post added August 2018 while cleaning out the My Documents folder.

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