RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,


9:00 pm: *develop headache from staring at comp screen too intensely; reluctantly give up on the progress I was making on work and retire to bed with a 6:30am alarm and an 8:30 backup*

1:10 am, having watched 2 episodes of The Middle, listened to an episode of The Simpsons with eyes closed, listened to a 40-minute playlist of instrumental band music, spent additional time lying quietly in bed daydreaming about ships and ship dynamics, and finally gotten out of bed to blearily browse random YouTube channels and Tumblr: STILL A-FREAKING WAKE BUT NOW TOO MENTALLY WEARY TO FOCUS ON WORK.

I did, however, find some sweet looking estate sales I desperately want to go to on Thursday-Saturday and do not have a prayer of making unless I make sure i can get my work for the day wrapped by 1pm, a process which starts with either waking up and starting early, or staying up late enough to finish more than half of it the same day it's assigned. (current progress for day 1: 6/14 points done after almost 3 hours)

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