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I'm spendin' my money / I'm outta control / somebody help me / I'm takin' my bank roll

Nah, not really. I've probably spent almost as much on gas driving to these places as I have on actual items, but I have had a BLAST in the past few days with a $20 bill between Goodwill and garage sales (mostly the latter), after spending about 8 hours on Etsy and CrateJoy last week YEARNING over book-subscription-box trinkets, themed mystery boxes/grab bags, and fascinating paper crafts and scrapbook projects, and determined to bag equivalent treasures in the wild for about 1/50th the price.

I am not sure I got QUITE as good a deal, but I did end up very satisfied with the treasures I nabbed, including being grateful for the first time in my life how thrift stores bag up all their smalls into collections at $2-4 a pop instead of pricing individual items for quarters.

Anyway, after scouting 4 different thrift stores and visiting twice as many garage sales, I have...

  • Tea Time: Mini Box of Recipes (LOOK AT ITS CUTE)

  • $3 grab bag: Calico Critters Charming Chandelier in original box, half-pots and wooden sign pieces for use in shadowboxes + 3 miniature framed pictures for use in shadowboxes (theoretically)

  • $3.50 grab bag: unopened "Making Memories: Vintage Findings - Travel" scrapbook scraps (v. similar to something I was looking at on Etsy; I just kind of want to play with stuff like this. it also reminds me of something you'd get ina book subscription box), 3 mini notepads, a fine-tipped pink Sharpie marker

  • Shakira, Oral Fixation Vol 1 & 2 w/ bonus DVD

  • A pad of textured envelope-sized scrapbooking paper in various colors on the front w/ white backs, mainly because it reminds me of another thing I saw on Etsy that I want to play around with, accordion albums.

  • A baggie full of small Highlights stickers featuring ocean creatures & space stuff (STICKERS ARE FUN & STUPID EXPENSIVE, OKAY)

  • A set of pale pink granite coasters (soft felt on the bottom to avoid scratching). They're just so shiny and smooth and pretty.

  • The Walker in the Shadows by Barbara Michaels, just to read

  • A pair of Pony Pals books (borrowed from a Little Free Library, just to remind myself what they were like)

  • List to be added to if I remember more things I forgot

Tags: garage sales

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