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Autumn TBR

Note: this is a queued post. Links will be updated when I get a chance.

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is your TBR pile for the upcoming season. I was very excited about this topic a month ago, and now it's much more daunting because I misplaced my library card (AGAIN) on August 26th.

[long and possibly unnecessary backstory]I have a rough idea of the area of the house I need to search, but it's an enormous mess that will require a large chunk of time to comb through that I just haven't had yet -- so as a result, my library book stock has plummeted and torpedoed my reading pace along with it.
The fact that I can't browse for interesting-looking titles on Goodreads or even set foot in a library (unless I want to seriously torture myself) is a huge bummer. It makes me not want to think about book possibilities beyond my 3 remaining checkouts at all.
But then I remembered: I've been building an emergency stockpile of cheap secondhand books that I want to read but not necessarily keep. I haven't let myself think about them much, stashing them in a grocery bag to be unearthed when I need them. Well, pretty sure I'm gonna need them soon. So...that's the majority of this list right now. I will probably dismiss all of them for a later year the second I find my card, but IN THE MEANTIME...


1. Blue Voyage - Diana Renn
I just started this, actually, but am reading it verrrry slowly so I can savor it, because the Turkish riviera setting so far is an incredibly lush armchair vacation I want to drink in with as many senses as possible. This would be a great candidate for a book subscription box.

2. History Is All You Left Me - Adam Silvera
A few weeks back, I went nuts and finally spoiled myself on a bunch of Klaine scenes from season 6. I regret nothing, but it also slammed the door on my "books that remind me of Scorpion/Walter/Paige" period, and sent me whirling back in the opposite direction to seek m/m YA. Which is way harder to pick through than general fiction, because it has a much lower volume, but then i remembered hearing about this and HELLO, plot to my pet season 4 AU! If Klaine had to break up, I would rather have seen it happen this way. The death part I would have reserved for fanfic, but I would have dreamed of reading that fanfic, so here it is as a full length book in better quality.

It's an important book, though, so whether or not I get to it will depend on whether Glee keeps its hooks in me, or if my brain is gonna be taken over by the more recent middle grade and het YA desires that have come knocking. I won't read it unless I'm at Peak Craving.

3. Girl Online - Zoe Sugg
IDK who she is, but I saw this book at the library and fit in exactly with the bright, candy-colored younger-end-of-YA genre I've been craving lately, since this year has been heavier on adult books so far.

4. The Walker in Shadows - Barbara Michaels
I saw this ex-high-school-library book at Goodwill, and the very 70s cover (not pictured online) was like "OPEN ME" and the inside jacket was like "BUY ME NOW!!" even though there was a perfectly crisp, brand-new Sarah Dessen hardcover next to it for the same price. I kind of regret not buying both. But I do not regret not leaving this one behind, because after 7 pages I had to take a break because the House Porn levels were so wonderfully overwhelming. And there is still a whole horror aspect to come!

5. Fly By Night - Andrea Thalasinos
Minnesota setting + wolves in an adult novel?? Intriguing.

6. Sit! Stay! Speak! - Annie England Noblin
Because what says "me & my tastes" more than "woman inherits big old house and also adopts a puppy."

7. Charlotte Cuts It Out - K.A. Barson
I keep trying to finish the author's 45 Pounds but never being in the right mood. Spotted this, though, and it looks real cute.

8. A Tale of Two Besties - Sophia Rossi
Ever since I cracked open my 8th grade journals a few weeks back, I have been pretty giddily in love with my memories of 8th grade. This book is technically abuot 9th graders, but it is also very clearly middle grade-oriented and they are only barely freshman who apparently read like 8th graders anyway, so that is exactly the headspace I want to be in.

9. Juniors - Kaui Hart Hemmings
Dollar store find. Hawaii setting? Sure, sign me up.

10. The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
I keep claiming I'm going to read another Kate Morton and so far I am a liar, but now this big fat paperback is owned by me, and if the library card drought lasts much longer...this will at least take up a chunk of reading time.

ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: The Thoroughbred series is still hanging out in a local box, asking me to reread it. Only a few months ago, I was too much of a snob to even include the last few of those I read post-age-13 when I typed up my old reading lists to post on LJ, deeming them too childish to have been worth remembering as part of my high school reading canon, but now I'm like "seems legit seems fair, definitely counting them as an adult in my 30s if read again."

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