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I guess I watch this show now.

By the time my Scorpion rioting finally calmed down enough for me to proceed with my Hawaii Five-0 viewing, CBS had yanked its final-5-of-the-season shows off of free streaming. I was going to be stubborn and wait for the DVD, but then I lost my library card, so I caved and watched via boyfriend's Netflix. I am now paused here before the finale EDIT: done w/ the season, so 8x21-25.

  • The way I know that I am apparently watching this show is that I sat through both 8x21 AND 8x22, despite them having nothing whatsoever to do with any of the things I usually come for, including the new thing I come for (Danny features and Adam's storyline), and even though I realized this about 15 minutes into each. It's like, are Tani and Junior there, participating and talking and having reactions to things? Then I guess I am still there.


  • Episode 23 and its Eddie-at-the-vet intro was ADORABLE! As was Danny's immediate and incessant razzing of Steve from door to door. (Dr. Will Sasso not so much. Like, lmao for 50 years that I am gonna believe that guy got into vet school)

  • I love the new medical examiner so much. I cannot believe we had to suffer that Heroes guy as long as we did, now that we have THIS PRECIOUS YOUNG LADY. (and by we, I mean you, because I have seen, like, 20 episodes pre-season-8)

  • Speaking of episode 23: ALL THE JUNIOR/HIS TOTALLY-PLATONIC-FRIEND-KAMMI COMFORT-HUGGING (were you trying to show me something with the very lingering shot on the handholding at the memorial service? I could not tell. but I would take it.)

  • Also just Junior and his excellent guilt complex in general, and Tani being supportive and reassuring him that he can't blame himself for sending his friend's call to voicemail

  • I was real hyped to see that Alex O'Loughlin had credit for the storyline in 8x24, and then real exhausted when it turned out to be Terry O'Quinn heavy (THAT DUDE IS THE WORST. IDK if he does it on purpose or he just picks awful characters but every single one I have seen him portary is imbued with this same infuriating enigmatic smugness)

  • BUT it also turned it around and reflected Steve as being the older half of a similar mentorship/lifelong friend pairing with Junior, which reminded me of Walter O'Brien's dual roles on Scorpion, and now my heart is very full.

  • (also Eddie appeared again and was ADORABLE, and where do I apply to be friends with Steve McGarrett so I can borrow/hang out with his dog whenever I want??)

  • Also I somehow did not know Junior was living with McGarrett, and the latter's subtly upset (in a Totally Manly Way) reaction to the former's mention of moving out kicked me in the gut. #GIVE HIM AN UNEXPECTED OUT-OF-THE-WOODWORK KID I AM BEGGING YOU (and/or Catherine a wife I am not fussy) (although I guess finally having a dog is a good start)

  • But in the meantime, I am loving the HELL out of their bond. "We’re not cops today. We’re SEALs. That means you ain’t my boss, so I’m coming with you." Seriously, what is a Kono, who is a Chin.

  • Also the extreme tonal...what's the word I want like discrepancy...of boomeranging between Deadly Serious International Seal Op and the Goofy Comic Relief About Dirty Affairs And Nazi Painting Theft gave me whiplash. I don't think it worked to give the heavy stuff a breather as well as you wanted it to.

  • Although I do still love Chi McBride. I hve no idea what his character name is and I don't care to learn, I just call him Chi McBride all the way. I also enjoy the hilarity factor any time he stands next to the food truck guy and suddenly looks like the small version, a la Vin Diesel and The Rock.

  • Finally: I am mostly taking to Livejournal to yell at/about Tani's face in the last scene, which consists of: GIRL, DON'T MAKE THAT FACE. Who cares if Adam has a secret handgun and black gloves in a drawer. There was no logical reason you would have dug into a random drawer, so no one needs to know you saw it. Because honestly, even if he did do a murder, are we really gonna care about him murdering a murderer? Like really? After all of the crap he has been through at the hands of people he didn't murder in cold blood?? I think dude has shown admirable restraint, myself.

  • EDIT: okay, the finale was not nearly as good as the penultimate. Odd, since finales are usually one of the things this show does well. Weird pacing -- shouldn't a Russian sleeper cell network take more than 35 minutes to solve? Though the hulking black submarine's rise to the surface off a coastal beach was pretty good -- and it kind of felt like a big unnecessary interruption before continuing on from the last scene of 8x24.

  • Luckily for me, as of the time of this viewing, the next available episode was less than 48 hours away so I do not have to wait long to see what's happenin'.

  • I did enjoy Steve & Danny's extended Old Marrieds Bickering at the beginning.

  • P.S. I don't know what to do with Tani's short-tempered snapping of "do you read everyone's body language or just mine?" at Junior, but I love it.

  • I do not love her unnecessary asking of Junior to make hard decisions for her, not least because inevitable "you're a cop, do the right thing [and turn Adam in for possible murder]" is just ridiculous. Maybe it's because I've been reading a lot about sadistic serial killers lately (see below), but my meter for "who deserves jail, really" is still set pretty far in favor of "nobody who practices appropriate vigilante justice and/or is generally a good person."

In other news, literally, the Mollie Tibbets case seems to have set me off and I have just spent a truly AWFUL amount of time this month morbidly torturing myself by reading about endlass swaths of missing persons cases*, unsolved murders and serial killers. I seem to be insatiable. How can human beings be this awful to each other. And how many horrors do I have to pour into my head before I stop wondering??

IDK, but what I'm getting at is that while it's mostly making me jones for that time period when both Without a Trace and Cold Case were airing new every week -- one you can still stream/get on DVD, but one you can't -- at least with Criminal Minds' return just around the corner, that might scratch part of the itch. (To see the serial killers get caught, sheesh; what kind of monster do u take me for. Although it also might upset me more to see them at all.)

(*and that never comes without the Sadness Factor that I have one close to home, literally; a boy I went to high school and a year of college with, and had classes with at both, disappeared while home over Christmas break. In the spring they found he had fallen through lake ice on an early morning jog. And then that usually reminds me of Joshua Guimond, who disappeared from my college campus the year before I arrived and was never found.)
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