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Still haven't had a chance to look for library card, so I borrowed Mom's, dashed off with a list of titles to seek half an hour before closing, and went to town getting a bunch of books I craved.

Mostlly books to feed my current scrapbook and paper craft craze, not actually making them, but looking at the cool designs other people have made. And so, I collected:

Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff: an AMAZING, 90-odd full color/glossy pages book that is truly, just, a fictional middle schooler's scrapbook, with some notes peppered in to provide a thin throughline. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED, THANK YOU.

The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt: And here is the grown up and 1920s version of that, featuring a young woman on the cusp of her high school graduation.

Making and Keeping Creative Journals: The "making" part is where I look at all the pretty art, and the "keeping" part is where I vaguey entertain the notion of using some of my approx. 107 mini notebooks and blank books.

Designer Scrapbooks: To look at all the pretty art (part II), but now with actual example pages from this woman's real scrapbooks, filled out with photos and captions and everything.


Hark! A Vagrant: Just because I happened to be in that section picking up Frankie Pratt, and saw it. I did not know it was a book. But it is way more fun to page through webcomics in book form. Highly entertaining. The Poe-squinting-at-paper meme is my identity.

The Lost Hours: I typed 'scrapbook' into the library catalog, and this came up. Curious as to why, I went to check out because it mentioned the woman being an equestrian, and OH MY GOD, "During her recuperation, Piper discovers a secret room and torn pages from an old scrapbook that allude to a tragedy in her grandmother's past"?? That is my kind of novel!!

Also, it is true what they say about how a watched book sale shelf never bears fruit (they say that), because after a month away I strolled up to find a vintage Marjorie Reynolds horse book, Dark Horse Barnaby, nice and ex-library (from a local Catholic school; their loss my gain). This is, unintentionally, the third book of hers I've found.

Then I spent roughly an hour fighting Goodreads data with Librarian Power to make sure her books were a) separated from this other Marjorie Reynolds, and b) logged under her actual name after someone inexplicably assigned most of them to "Melanie Graham," for no reason I can see -- maybe her maiden name? -- even though "Marjorie Reynolds" is LITERALLY on the cover of every book image uploaded for all of them.

(side note: this is wild; somehow she had a run of 6 standalone novels published in the sixties and then apparently nothing else ever again?? I can barely even find that information on her; the name is entirely taken up in search results by either some rando new author of mysteries, or an old movie star. No date of birth. No date of death. Her husband is listed as "retired British Army officer R.C. Reynolds" and they lived in Avon, New York as of the sixties, but even that is not as helpful as you might think.)

Jim-Dandy by Hadley Irwin was also there, which I remember reading in middle school, but I can't remember if I love it enough to keep, since it's a historical novel, slim, and published in the 90s.
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