RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

GOALZ for the last weekend in September

I have failed at having free weekends two weeks in a row now, but THIS TIME IT'LL BE DIFFERENT, BECAUSE REASONS. As listed below, here's what's coming up -- hopefully. It's always tough to stay on top of things past Wednesday in any given week, which of course is exactly when Things Start Happening, but...look at all my incentives this time!!

Wednesday: Library sale! Planning to leave at 6-6:30pm and go with Chris

Thursday: Catch up on Survivor premiere w/ Mom. Less excitingly, laundry.

Friday: Church rummage sale, open 9-4 and about 25 minutes away if I take the back roads, which I probably will because my last attempt to brave freeway that close to St. Paul was A Nightmare even at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Saturday (THE BIG ONE): Road trip to the town where Chris's mom grew up, about 60-70 minutes away. The first goal is another library sale open from 9-3, the secondary goal is the animal shelter (not adopting yet, just looking, though apparently their adoption fees are very low), and the general goal is just to explore the town, which he hasn't been to in well over 10 years, since his grandparents died. He said it was a small town then, and it has apparently undergone rapid development; he wants to both see familiar places and see what's changed.

The plan is to then stay over at his place, and on Sunday we will hopefully finally get around to watching Jurassic Park 2 (on DVD).

Some time before Friday, my goal is also to do a bunch of laundry and pick up around here so as to make the Saturday thing happen.

Now, I am of course notoriously bad at being able to get work done or even take a break from it before 3pm on Saturdays, but I am gonna try really hard to change that this time, even though I did such a terrible job this past weekend that I didn't hit Break Time until 4pm Sunday, but if we fail at it, we're just gonna keep rescheduling the road trip until it happens. Chris is understanding and accommodating of this.

Sunday: Have The Music List done (it is such a QUAGMIRE, why did have to fall in love with so many amazing CDs at once), then NCIS: LA premiere...may or may not be ready to watch it yet.

P.S. The library sale I'm going to on Wednesday? Normal book sales run Th-Sat, with a bag sale on Sunday, because weekends tend to draw bigger crowds, right? Well, for some reason, this one is running noon-8:30pm on Wednesday-Thursday, 9-4 on Friday, and then for 4 hours on Saturday (10-2) is their infamously terrible bag sale, in which you HAVE to buy a bag to enter (smarmy policy says "if you do not find anything, your entry fee is considered a donation to the library"), AND this year they have jacked said price up to $5. It's not even a very big sale. Seriously, I whined about it last year, and it's shaping up to be the same dismal event.

...oh my god, I was so excited about this coming weekend that I totally forgot NEXT weekend is the even BIGGER and HUGE MEGA used book sale at the State Fairgrounds!! (Half Price Clearance)

...and I totally forgot to request time off in October, OH NO!! If I get stuck that weekend...oh, I dunno, but I will somehow make it happen. I have never missed that event since I started going -- 6 years running, I think? -- and I will not start now.

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