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2018 Fall Watch List

I skipped it last year because it had shrunk so much, but you know what, whatever, let's point & laugh at the embarrassingly tiny number of shows RS plans to keep up with this fall, as of right now. Even though I have kind of sagged away from writing about most of them.

8:00 NCIS: LA
9:00: Madam Secretary

9:00: The Rookie [October 16]

(This is still a maybe, but Nathan Fillion done whipped himself back into shape, and seeing as Castle's good showrunners deprived me of enjoying "Take Two" when they cast Eddie Cibrian, I will accept its alternate DNA in the form of one lead + the bad showunner, who hopefully sucks less when he has no relationships I'm invested in to destroy, not that I am bitter or whatever)

7:00: Survivor
8:00: Criminal Minds

8:00: Hawaii Five-O

At Some Point Online, Because Honestly, I Am Not Gonna Turn On A Whole TV For One Half-Hour Show
Mom (if I remember. plus as always, I have no idea if/how far I got after night work started in March)

Streaming Shows I Am Contemplating Because I Have Connections Now
-Jack Reacher Ryan (Amazon)
-The Good Cop (Netflix)

Other Thoughts, Or, Maybe An Explanation For Why The Above List Is So Short

  • I fell too far behind on S.W.A.T. to jump in with the new season (but I might anyway; I would prefer to at least see the finale first, but I don't feel like chronology is real serious on a show that, for me, is 50% about the action plot and 50% about how hot Shemar Moore looks at any given moment)

  • I really meant to catch up on Seal Team to see if it got better, but misplacing my library card right before everything started to come out on DVD really screwed me over, so I guess it'll be back to plugging my ears and going 'la la la' during its infinity promos on the night I am booked solid on CBS

  • That is the same reason I am still over a year behind on NCIS

  • The sole comedy I am looking forward to coming back is Man With a Plan, but that is being held to midseason, to save the ratings day after the crop of terrible new fall sitcoms finishes embarrassing itself.

  • I have not looked up the crop of new shows and probably am not going to, because I am still recovering from last year's overload that mostly failed in either execution or ratings, and nothing I have heard about via fandom osmosis is grabbing my attention [edit: I added one. ONE.]

In other news, I ended up watching most of TKO (Total Knock Out) online over the past couple of weeks -- I feel like I wrote this up before; did I? Or did I write it up but not post, as I often do -- and although I am constantly skipping over the dull setup and there is way too much camera mugging, showboating and overly forced trash talk from people clearly being coached to spout it as outlandishly as is an incredibly entertaining obstacle course/dodgeball hybrid upgrade from Wipeout, because no gets splattered with or dunked into anything except maybe water. It just really sucked that the one guy sprained his wrist in the otherwise super-exciting finale. Watching him try to complete the entire course after that, obviously in pain and potentially making the injury worse only to end up in the same position he would have if he'd just quit immediately was...vicariously painful and really un-fun.
Lastly, a few weeks ago I finally broke the seal on long-zealously-guarded-away-for-my-uninterrupted-attention Rise.

I made it about 3/4 of the way through the pilot before I paused to collect my feelings, and in that pause I concluded that despite all of the points in its favor -- Teacher/Family Man Ted Mosby, my immediate love for the bitchy/popular cheerleader ("What's wrong with Grease?" indeed), the BEAUTIFUL way it's shot (this near rivals The O.C.'s pilot as far as location establishment), my appreciation for the ousted drama teacher and the sense that I could probably learn to care about the other kids too -- the fact that the play they're putting on is my friggin' nemesis Spring Awakening is gonna be too much of a problem for me to continue.

The specific play either was not clear in the press releases, or just didn't make it to my brain before I started blathering about my enthusiasm for the concept, failing to learn my lesson about creating tags for shows before I've watched them, etc., because that was a shock to the system and there is just...nothing about that play's summary that is redeeming to me at all. Dumbasses. Dumbasses everywhere. Why would you tell stories about them when you could tell good stories. See, I just went into a 30-minute rage spiral while writing this, and if I kept watching the show, that would happen every episode. Possibly more than once, as every new mention of every controversial thing I didn't previously know about would set me off.

And in the brief glance I took at Tumblr, nothing redeeming stoof out to me, and since it got itself canned somehow (despite having a transgender character? are you even allowed to cancel such a show these days?), there is no strong incentive for me to push on anyway.

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