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Eye Bleach. NOW.

I decided to make this my "David Caruso" weekend.  Hunted up MeeVee and tagged everything with his name on it...he has a surprising number of TV appearances in this 48-hour timeframe.  I taped Proof of Life last night and was watching it this morning, when at 11:45 I went "WAIT A SEC, isn't NYPD Blue on today at like, 2?"  Checked, and sure enough it was on AT 11.  Eeek!  I flipped over, was distracted and slightly annoyed by the New York accent, but firmly hooked by him hugging some random dark-haired woman on the steps (whom eventually I figure out that I recognize from "Judging Amy").  As I am always looking for scenes to flesh out my Horatio and Marisol stories, blurred vision gives me something better than Miami ever did.  And then another episode starts, so I settle in to watch, never dreaming what horrors await me... 

(Mind you, this is technically the first episode of NYPD Blue I've ever seen. )
About halfway through, "Dt. John Kelly" is over at his ex-wife's place, and I can hear water running, and my first thought is that she's committed suicide or something.  But then she answers, so I watch blankly.  "Can I get you a towel?" he asks from the bathroom doorway, while I avert my eyes becauseI don't need to see even an outline of Sherry Stringfield nude. 
"I can get one."
"Well, I just ran out of excuses for comin' in there."

By this point, I'm still calm and complacent.  Then she says suggestively, "Since when did you ever need an excuse?"  Off comes the sportcoat, and then my eyes pop open and I shriek "OH MY GOOD GOD!  IT'S *THAT* EPISODE!  WHAT THE EFFING HELL?!"

It's the only episode I could possibly recognize - this is the one they warned me about!  when we some people were worried about spoilers on CSI Miami, people brought up this episode of NYPD Blue, and how they never wanted to see David Caruso naked again.   And here it is.  A horrible nasty shower scene on a crime show; I thought that wasn't allowed.  [Then I did a bit of Google research on this show.  Apparently it's famous for being dirty like that, and they have multiple shower scenes.  Still, I don't think any of them could have scarred me as much as this one.  I don't even want to use it for a Horatio scenario.  My appreciation for his looks does not extend below the waist.  Bare-chested, okay, that's fine and dandy.  Nothing further, thanks.]

And then, because I'm a glutton for punishment (apparently), I decide to keep watching this show as long as the marathon is going.  I base it on the theory that, if you can ignore the accent and the name, the chronology pretty much matches up with when Horatio was working in New York, so I'll just pretend this is the same character.  HOWEVER, in very short order, there's a scene in the locker room, and he is again in the shower, and OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL WHY AM I SEEING THIS *AGAIN.* 

There was so no purpose to him getting out of the shower and walking across the room sans towel.  Other than to burn my retinas, I guess.  My eyes are in desperate need of some cleansing bleach.  Bleach I tell you!  Also, I am never watching this show again.
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